An apple a day keeps the doctor away сочинение

An apple a day keeps the doctor away is an ancient saying. This message has been around since the 18th century during the Victorian period. It tries to encourage kids to consume nutritious fruits like Apple. The origin of this idiom is still debatable as some say that it was first used around 1630 in The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms. But there is no clear citation as to when it was first used and when.

Considered to have originated in 1866 in Wales, the idioms’ slightly varied version was first published in the Notes and Queries magazine like – “Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread”. The bread here is the doctor’s mode of income.

However, it has stood the test of time. Besides, it means that one must eat healthily, maintain a good lifestyle. As apples are one of the healthiest fruits in the market and one can consume them any time of the day.

This essay primarily highlights the health benefits of consuming apples daily. The health benefits of apples are very high as it builds extensive strength, increases our immunity system, and ultimately prevents us from visiting doctors now and then. The apple’s exclusive qualities of apple also stimulate long-term health benefits as they maintain good heart health, contain cancer resisting ingredients and improve mental performance. The magic fruit has also been associated with immense vitality.

Long Essay on the Topic –  An Apple a  Day Keeps the Doctor Away in English

A long essay on an apple a day keeps the doctor away in English and talks about people’s unhealthy habits. One should try to rectify them and avoid unhealthy habits and pollution to harm the world. One can often hear young children suffering from blood pressure and heart diseases.

This proverb still holds good in all situations. The teachers and guardians have always used this idiom as social health communication. You might have often heard your elders using this phrase to make you eat healthier and whole meals. This would always remind and encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid all sorts of illnesses.

Consuming healthy food is one’s right to healthy living. The world is reeling under a dangerous pandemic that refuses to leave mankind. This makes it all the more important to lead a healthy living. The phrase, an apple a day, can keep the doctor away, hold value. Apples have been around since the era of Adam and Eve. In the 18th century, kids in England were told to consume a small apple before going to bed.

In this idiom, the apple is symbolic of one of the most nutritious and healthy foods essential for one’s well-being. Consuming an apple on a daily basis is strongly recommended as it keeps diseases at bay. Right from childhood, one must have heard parents and the elderly emphasizing healthy eating. This enables kids to eat healthy food and refrain from junk food. The apple is a symbol of healthy eating. One can munch on it anytime they want. Besides, one can prepare several food items using the fruit. The need to cook it does not arise unless one wants to consume it differently. Additionally, apples come with vitamins, minerals, salts, and water.

This fruit is a storehouse of multivitamins, minerals, fibres, and all the essential nutrients. Apple contains 52 calories of carbohydrates, of water, 0.3 grams of protein, 13.8 grams of carbs, 10.4 grams of sugar, 2.4 grams of fibre, and 0.2 grams of fat. It also contains Vitamin C which is essential to boost the body’s immune system, wound healing, and muscle building. The fruit also contains flavonoids which are like antioxidants to the human body. In some cases, flavonoids are also effective to minimize and treat asthma in certain children and adults.

Apples also contain pectin which provides us with galacturonic acid. Pectin is the fibre that acts as a prebiotic and detoxifies the human body with galacturonic acid which eliminates toxic elements in the body. The Malic acid available in the apples is good for liver functioning and digestion.

The proverb is even more relevant to modern varieties of food. If you consume an apple every day, you will remain healthy and remaining healthy is always a great idea. This means that you would not be visiting the doctor frequently. This is a further step to becoming physically fit and strong. However, one needs to stick to a healthy eating habit. With this proverb, we realize that these simple acts might not look important and can greatly contribute towards maintaining good health. The idea of consuming apples dates back to the Ayurvedic medications therapy and procedures in Southern Asia.

With this, the proverb also reminds us how both mental and physical health is equally important, essential, and valuable for a regular way of life. It further motivates everyone to care for themselves and follow good eating habits and a healthy routine.

Apples excellently serve as a brain tonic to mental patients or individuals with certain mental disorders. The mental illnesses which are age-related can be controlled by apple consumption. This is due to Quercetin. Quercetin is a reddish pigment, found in apples and is extremely effective in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and relief against allergic reactions.

The paragraph on an apple a day keeps the doctor away emphasizes on the fact that one must eat healthily. A small apple comes with more than 80 calories of energy. The fruit comes with flavonoids, which are essential for the body.

Finally, apples contain enzymes that are good for having positive vibes in the brain. Even aging can be controlled by having the fruit regularly. Today, one can find a variety of junk food that is so readily available.

They can be French fries, burgers, cold drinks, candy, and so on. Kids are very tempted to consume them. Sadly, they are the ones affected due to a low diet. However, one must not take the literal meaning.

It does not mean that one can survive only consuming apples. Along with eating an apple, It is important to consume healthy food loaded with nutrients that the body needs. It is up to the individual to decide on the direction they want to take their health.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The essay reminds us to eat and live healthily.

Short Paragraph on An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

In the 18th century, there was a similar saying. It went like, have an apple before going to bed, and stop the doctor earning his bread. The bread refers to the salary or income. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and an essay educates people on healthy life.

There are tons of health benefits to consuming the apple. Even the skin of the apple is healthy and contains large amounts of minerals and vitamins. Those who prefer peeling the apples might reconsider doing it henceforth.

Due to the pectin in the apples, unwanted toxins in the body are removed. This also helps in controlling mental deterioration. Those consuming apples tend to be fitter, stronger, both physically and mentally.

Apples come with no fat and are low on sodium, promoting good health. Besides, they are rich sources of magnesium and potassium. They are good for the teeth, too, as they kill germs on your gums. Hence, chewing the fruit slowly in the mouth prevents tooth decay.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away; expansion of ideas is seen once it is consumed. The fruit also comes with galacturonic acid that removes the toxic present in the body. Another acid, malic acid, is good for digestion and the liver.

Kids and adults with asthma might consider having apples. The health benefits of consuming apples and other fruits are too hard to ignore. In a short essay on an apple a day keeps the doctor away, one learns the importance of eating healthy.

As per the British Medical Journal, consuming an apple per day can avoid 8,500 vascular deaths from more than 50 individuals around the world. Also, a 2011 study by the American Heart Association’s Journal found that humans consuming apples and pears had a 52% lower incidence of stroke and a heart attack.

Other Health Benefits of Apple

  1. Heart Health

It is very depressing to know that heart diseases are the prime factor for the increased fatality around the world. This is due to improper lifestyle which involves consumption of processed and junk foods. This further leads to the rise in bad cholesterol i.e., LDL. Apple consumption can check the bad cholesterol due to the presence of pectin. It prevents cholesterol from getting deposited in the body.

  1. Treats Diabetes

In the case of diabetics, they should keep a check on their carbohydrate and fat consumption. These are the main reasons for the spike in their glucose levels. Apples contain good carbohydrates which reduce the rate of carbohydrates absorption and prevent the spike in the blood sugar levels. Apples also contain polyphenols with lots of antioxidants to reduce blood sugar levels.

  1. Prevents Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer to occur after skin. Consumption of fresh fruits like apples, green leafy vegetables and other nutrient-rich food items on a daily basis reduces the risk of breast cancer.

  1. Improves Dental Health

Apple contains Quercetin which is known to exhibit antimicrobial properties. This component would get rid of the microbes’ activity from saliva and teeth. As a result, this will promote clean and flawless dental hygiene. Additionally, apples are very effective in preventing the most common dental disorder, periodontal disease. This problem is common in people who fail to maintain proper dental hygiene.

  1. Skin Benefits

Fruits are best to enhance skin beautification and problem elimination. Consuming apples would heal and rejuvenate your skin internally and the application of apple-based skin packs would help fight free radicals and protect your skin from further damage eternally.


To conclude the essay on an apple a day keeps the doctor away, one must have a healthy lifestyle. Nobody enjoys being sick and falls ill often. It is physically, emotionally, and financially draining.

These amazing apple facts and nutrition information along with the detail that they can strengthen bones, improve dental health and digestion, benefit the diabetics and help the allergic reactions to recover make this the leading of healthiest fruits.

One cannot expect others to leave their work to take care of the sick. The best way to avoid falling sick is to consume healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Besides, with some hard work and dedication, one can lead a proactive life.

An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away

It has long been established that the apple is one of the best fruits. In fact, it is a mine of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and fibre.

It is estimated that a medium sized apple has 81 calories of energy, including 21 grams of complex carbohydrates.

No doubts, apples do not contain as much vitamin C as some other fruits like guava and oranges, but they have other antioxidants known as phyto-chemicals. It is for this reason that it is said, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. One should eat at least one apple daily.

There are three main useful parts of an apple. They are its food value, fibre and flavonoids. Apple can act as a preventive object against heart diseases, strokes and cancer, since its phytonutrients prevent oxidation of the LDL,that is ‘bad’ cholesterol. Moreover, the abundant magnesium and potassium which apple contains, are enough to ensure a healthy heart to the eater. Potassium in particular, lowers blood pressure and regulates heartbeat. Moreover, an apple contains zero fat and cholesterol.

Flavonoids present aplenty in the apple act as anti-oxidant agents. The apple must be taken alongwith the skin. The largest amount of minerals and vitamins in the apple is present in the skin and it goes on decreasing as one moves in the flesh towards the centre. As for instance, the skin contains five times more vitamin A than the flesh (or pulp) of the apple.

According to reports, apple-eaters have better lung function than non-apple eaters. Then the pectin present in the apple aids in detoxification by supplying the galacturonic acid. This acid is required by the body to eliminate some harmful substances.

The apple is also now regarded as a brain tonic. It is said that apples control age-related deterioration in mental processes. The malice acid which the apple contains helps not only the brain but also the liver and the bowels in their efficient functioning.

The apple is useful in another way also. The acid present in it acts as an antiseptic which prevents tooth decay. Hence, the apple should be chewed slowly and thoroughly in the mouth at the time of eating.

With such benefits that guarantee health, who wouldn’t like to eat at least one apple per day?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It is very important to live correctly. If we don’t want to be ill we must take care of ourselves. We must get up early. We have to do morning exercises, take a cold shower. We have to follow what we eat. We must eat a lot of fruits, vegetables. We have to drink a lot of water. We must eat less sweets, cakes, candies and bread. We have to go for a walk. It is very useful to walk in the forest or in a park, to swim in the river or in the sea. And of course it is very useful to take a sunbath. And every doctor will advice you, ‘’ An apple a day keeps the doctor away’’. Очень важно правильно жить. Если мы не хотим болеть, мы должны заботиться о себе. Мы должны встать рано. Мы должны делать утренние упражнения, принять холодный душ. Мы должны следить за тем, что мы едим. Мы должны есть много фруктов, овощей. Мы должны пить много воды. Мы должны есть меньше сладостей, тортов, конфет и хлеба. Мы должны гулять. Очень полезно ходить в лесу или в парке, плавать в реке или в море. И, конечно, очень полезно принять солнечную ванну. И каждый врач посоветует вам: «Кто яблоко в день съедает, у того доктор не бывает. ».


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The idiom “to kill two birds with one stone” is used to describe achieving two objectives at the same time. The term references a common hunting tool, the slingshot; slingshots continue to be used to hunt small birds, and at one point, they were very common. As you might imagine, killing one bird with a stone requires an excellent aim and control over the slingshot; to kill two could be considered even more difficult, a task for only the most skilled of hunters.

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This idiom dates from the 1600s, and it was initially used in a somewhat pejorative way, to describe a philosopher’s attempt to prove two arguments with a single solution. The implication was that killing two birds at one time is extremely challenging and unlikely, and that the philosopher’s attempt should be viewed with extreme suspicion. The philosopher had obviously failed to satisfy his critics, who suggested that his attempt was about as successful as a try to knock out two birds with a single stone.

Over time, “to kill two birds with one stone” has come to be used more generally to accomplishing two goals at once, and the negative connotations have largely vanished. In fact, people are encouraged to think of ways to accomplish it, thereby living much more efficient lives. This is especially true in the business world, where employers are constantly on the hunt for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency, so something that kills two birds with one stone could be quite useful.

For example, someone could be flying to a city on business, and decide to visit a family member while he or she is in the city, or a company might have an employee pick up a shipment somewhere while he or she is already there.

From the point of view of both the employee and the company, this can be convenient, because the employee will be reimbursed for mileage and other expenses, while the company can save a trip. Some people feel that this term is a bit negative, given the association with hunting and death, and they prefer more positive twists on the saying. Several organizations have even sponsored contests to come up with a new and more animal-friendly version of “to kill two birds with one stone.” However, the idea has become so entrenched in many societies that it is unlikely to fade from usage anytime soon, negative or not.

Essay on An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: This 1913 based quote highlights the health benefits of eating apples every day. The healthy aspects of apple are so high that it builds extensive stamina and prevents us from falling ill and visiting doctors for now and then. The exclusive qualities of apple promote long term health benefits. They maintain good heart health, contain cancer fighting compounds and improve brain functioning. Apple has been associated with immense vitality.

The proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” still holds good. Our parents and teachers have always used this idiom as a social health message. Often elders use this phrase to make the children eat healthier meals. It encourages us to maintain a healthy routine to stay away from all kinds of illnesses. Apple (in this idiom) is symbolic of the most nutritious foods that are essential for our well-being. Eating an apple regularly is strongly recommended as it prevents diseases. It is a storehouse of multi-vitamins, minerals, and fibres.

Apples contain Vitamin C, which boosts our immune system, heals our wounds, and builds our muscles. One medium-sized apple is equivalent to 81 calories of energy. It contains flavonoids that act like antioxidants (phytochemical) which are great for our body. The proverb is all the more relevant when we are surrounded by modern varieties of food. Let us discuss the importance of this proverb in our day to day lives. The phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has a literal meaning.

If you eat an apple every day, you will remain healthy. Looking after our health is always a great idea. As a result, you will not need to visit the doctor quite often. But does it keep the doctor away? There are no conclusive pieces of evidence of it. However, it drives you towards becoming physically fit and fine. The phrase also has a broader (more general) sense to it. It emphasizes on having a healthy lifestyle overall. You need not involve eating an apple in your daily routine.

However, you need to stick to a healthy eating habit. The proverb makes us realize that simple acts can contribute greatly towards maintaining good health. The idea of eating apples has been prevailing since ages. It dates back to the Ayurvedic medications in Southern Asia. How do you think this idiom came into existence? The origin of this idiom is debatable. Some say it was first used in around 1630 in The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms. However, there is no clear citation to its first use.

It is considered to have originated in the year 1866 in Wales. A slightly varied version of the idiom was first published in the Notes and Queries magazine. It went like- “Eat an apple on going to bed, And you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread”. Here, the bread referred to a doctor’s mode of income. It roughly meant you will stop the doctor from earning as he will be treating fewer patients. By the early 20th century, the proverb had been modified into its present form. Various versions of rhyme started circulating all over England (including the present version of the proverb).

The modern-day proverb was first published in 1913 in the book Rustic Speech and Folk-lore (written by Elizabeth Wright). Apples contain pectin (a type of fibre that acts as a prebiotic) which detoxifies our body. It provides us with the galacturonic acid. This acid eliminates toxic elements present in our body. Malic acid present in the apples is good for the functioning of the liver and promotes digestion. The flavonoids in an apple reduce inflammation. In some cases, they are found to minimize asthma in children and adults.

Apples also are used as a brain tonic. Mental illnesses that occur with ageing can be controlled by eating apples. Quercetin is a reddish pigment which is found in apples. This might prevent Alzheimer’s disease and also provide relief against allergies. Health can be both mental and physical, both of which are equally valuable. This proverb reminds us of how important health is. It motivates us to value ourselves and follow a good routine. We can improve our life we follow these simple steps. Taking action at the right time saves us from troubles later on.