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Nowadays computers mean everything. They help us to find any information we need, to watch films without going to the cinema or listen to music we like, to talk with our friends on the Internet, even to do our homework. But is it so good, to use computers instead real life? On the one hand, we have an access to information, such as pictures, videos, music, we can use them at any time only by one or two clicks, we can chat with our friends without going into windy or rainy street,we can write letters, find a job..But there is nothing to compare with the real life, real communication, going to libraries or to the cinema, talking with friends in the cafe. So I suppose, that computers, though they can be helpful, are not a blessing. They are a curse in some kind. They kill our wish for living a real life.

На сегодняшний день компьютеры-это все. Они помогают нам найти любую информацию, которая нам нужна, чтобы смотреть фильмы, не ходя в кино или слушать музыку, которую мы любим, общаться с нашими друзьями в Интернете, даже делать уроки. Но так ли это хорошо, чтобы использовать компьютеры вместо реальной жизни? С одной стороны, мы имеем доступ к информации, такой как фотографии, видео, музыка, мы можем использовать их в любое время, только один или два клика и мы можем общаться с нашими друзьями, не выходя в ветреную или дождливую улицу,мы можем писать письма, найти работу..но нет ничего, чтобы сравнить с реальной жизнью, реального общения, ходить в библиотеки или в кино, болтать с друзьями в кафе. Поэтому я полагаю, что компьютеры, хотя они могут быть полезны, не благословение. Они проклятие в какой-то степени. Они убивают наше желание жить реальной жизнью.

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Today the Internet is very popular. It helps people in studying, communicating as well as in learning news and relaxing in their free time. No doubt it is very useful. Students may find some extra information there. Some people study online or prepare for exams. There are a lot of educational resources on the net. They can find a lot of special tests on the net and interesting video lessons on all the subjects on free sites such as Youtube, for example. But the Internet might be very dangerous. There are many web-sites with bad or wrong information, or some harmful programmes, which can break the user’s computer.

Сегодня Интернет очень популярен. Он помогает людям в учебе, общении, а также помогает узнавать новости и отдохнуть в свободное время. Без сомнения, всё это очень полезно. Студенты могут найти дополнительную информацию в нете. Некоторые люди учатся онлайн или готовятся к экзаменам. В сети очень много образовательных ресурсов. Можно найти много специальных тестов в сети и интересные видео уроки по всем предметам на бесплатных сайтах, таких как Youtube, например. Но интернет может быть и очень опасен. Есть много сайтов с плохой или неверной информацией, или некоторые вредные программы, которые могут повредить компьютер пользователя.

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As a scientific breakthrough, some people fear that computer might dominate the world. Just like any other inventions, it has its advantages and disadvantages. The use of computer has lowered human labor lots and lots The work which required much time before can now be done simply within fraction of seconds. It helps you organize your data and information. Computers are being used to conduct lessons for all subject, students are learning through computers by reading as well as seeing diagrams on screen. Computer are helping the doctors to detect disease and keep information about patient.

It has much more computing and calculating power then an ordinary human. The main advantage is that you can now communicate instantly with friends, family, and co-workers. You no longer need to send them a letter that will take 3 days to get there and then wait for a reply. You have all of the information that you could possibly need at your fingertips. Children are learning to read and write with computer games instead of homemade flash cards. They are reading their bedtime stories online instead of in bed with their parents.

Slowly traditions are being broken and the computer is becoming a child’s learning tool. Many parents are buying computer learning games instead of board games and pop-up books. One benefit of the computer age is that children are becoming smarter. They are growing up computer literate and will have that as a huge advantage. Computer literacy is becoming a huge job qualification and feeling comfortable with one will put them a step ahead. But a disadvantage is that parents are leaving the learning up to the computers and spending less quality time with their children.

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The most important learning step for children is interaction with others. If they are sitting in front of the screen all day, they do not learn to share, wait their turn, or even something as simples as manners. Children need to be in contact with other children, adults, and animals. They need to experience things first hand not off a computer screen. The disadvantages to computers is that when electricity is out you can’t seem to get any information. Businesses become paralyzed when their mainframes aren’t functioning properly.

It can have negative effects on your social life and interactions with other people if you do not maintain the balance between time online and offline. It may have a negative effect on your eyesight due to radiation.. Overall the modern computer is both a blessing and a curse, it allows long-distance relationships, but also allows bad things to happen. So in an attempt to answer the question of whether computers are a curse or blessing, the only logical answer is they are both. It is ultimately up to human beings to minimize the curse parts while at the same time taking full advantage of the blessing parts.

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Boon means blessing or advantage. Curse means solemn invocation of divine wrath on a person or thing. Here positive and negative impact of computer on students is the subject of concern.

Computer meaning-A computer is a programmable machine designed to automatically carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations. Boon means blessing.

The first computer was developed by Charles Babbage.It was called the Differential and Analytical Engine and was a huge, 2 tone machine that was told what to do by punched cards.

Ability to connect to the internet is a tremendous blessing of the computer. Computer allows us to access huge information. Computers can store tremendous amount of data. They can process it in a fraction of seconds. They can manipulate it to give our expected analysis result. The computer in today time penetrated every facet of our lives. Home, schools, hospitals, banks, transport system, airlines, shopping malls, and Industry are completely depending on computer. Its performance cannot be thought without a computer. We can more easily research almost any topic we can think of. It is because of the ability of computer about speed , perfection , large capacity of data storage , tremendous efficiencies of data processing and data retrieving at lightening speed. These parameters have discarded human mind error of any business. It have resulted high per capita performance. In these sense computer is tremendous blessing to us.

But there is also negative side of this blessing. With spell check we become much less concerned with learning how to spell. With grammar check we find it less demanding to learn correct grammar usage. With the ability to develop and access huge databases of information we get lazy about learning and remembering things. We are using computer for also reminding us about daily work which is reducing our memory power. These are our mistake. But there are also supporting elements of computer. If suppose electricity goes off then our lives will be stopped. Thing about Y2K scare which required huge investing to eradicate the problem of Y2K. If satellites stopped working then we will be blind. Our bank will no more will be able to gives us electronic money. It will be a dangerous situation. We cannot communicate in absence of computers. So in these sense computer is curse.

But these problems if thought of in advance then curs of computer can be made less effective.


My logic is that keeping ourselves at the pace of computer’s performance and using our intellect power of inventions, we can stop the future disaster of computing errors and problems. So in this sense computer can do more blessing than curse.

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A  computer  is an electronic machine. It was invented by Charles Babbage. The computer is one of the greatest achievement of science. The invention of computer made our life, faster, easier and comfortable. Use of computers has penetrated every sphere of our lives. 
We should always use computer for good purpose.  We know that computer is very useful. Nowadays students  get online education from computer through internet. Computer has boosted its use in banking and other financial sector. We can also do entertainment from computer. Communication  has become easier through Internet. We can get any information at any time and at everywhere through internet. It helps in file transfer in all official works. We can manage our life efficiently  by using computer effectively. So computer is a blessing for its right use. I believe in positive use of computer to strengthen our performance.

Endless hours in front of the screen cause eye strain and headaches.  Now-a-days many students have got addicted in computer game. In this way  they waste their vital time for doing unnecessary entertainment. Social site are negatively affecting the students life also. In many cases they have got trapped by evil through social site. Computer has reduced the man power in industries and made many people unemployed. It has been used by many nation for developing dangerous gun, missiles, and fighter planes which caused killing of man-kind. Therefore computer is a curse if it is used for bad purpose and a blessing if it is used for right purpose.
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Computers have greatly influenced human life. With the advent of the computer, human life is much easier. Now at this time, a person can learn and find any information through a computer without leaving home. No one person can live a day without using a computer. Today, people work on the Internet, communicate with their friends, relax in their free time and learn. In spite of the huge number of advantages of the existence of a computer, there are also disadvantages. The computer takes a lot of precious time. People often spend their time in a blank sitting in front of a screen monitor. But despite this, most people still consider computer technology a blessing.

Перевод: компьютеры очень сильно повлияли на жизнь человека. с появлением компьютера человеческая жизнь очень облегчилась. теперь на данное время человек может узнать и найти любую информацию через компьютер не выходя из дома. не один человек не может прожить и дня не воспользовавшись компьютером. сегодня люди работают в интернете, общаются со своими друзьями, отдыхают в свободное время и учатся. не смотря на огромное количество плюсов существования компьютера также находятся недостатки. компьютер забирает очень много драгоценного времени. люди часто тратят свое время в пустую сидя перед монитором экрана. но не смотря на это все же большинство людей считают компьютерные технологии благословением.