Genetically modified food danger or opportunity сочинение

«Genetically modified food: danger or opportunity?» (сочинение по плану)

✓one linker of contrast and one of addition included (слова-связки)

✓both sides of the argument presented (аргумент за и против)

✓one conditional sentence included (условное предложение)


Genetically modified food: danger or opportunity?

The topic of genetically modified food was discussed a lot, among both the scientists and regular people. But it’s still unknown whether GM products are safe or not. People have different opinions on that.

Most of the scientists think genetic engineering is very useful because of the following facts. First of all, it helps to increase the protection and the amounts of vitamins in foods. Secondly, billions of animals are raised on the GM food, and actually their heath only improved. Finally, there are no bad effects for humans found, too.

On the other hand, most of the people still believe that if they eat GM food, it will cause some unwanted changes in their bodies. Moreover, there’s an opinion that GM organisms are dangerous for the environment, because they might escape into wild populations and harm them.

In any case, the fears of genetic engineering are still theoretical, and this technology is considered safe by WHO. So I think that for now there’s no need to worry about whether the food we eat is modified or not.

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Genetically modified food: danger or opportunity?
Genetically modified food (GM food) – one of the gifts of the progress. But it’s necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages of GM food consumption.
On the one hand, GM food invention solved the problem of food shortage. Pasting pieces of genes from the one organism into the genetic code of another, scientists have managed to increase the crop yield and rate of maturation, raise its’ resistance to diseases, parasites and pests. Moreover, the time for selection has reduced. Some time ago, to breed new cold-resistant varieties decades were needed, but now the process takes only a year or two. Besides, now the humanity can get the desired amount of drugs, such as modified insulin, interferon, and others, which is really important fact.
On the other hand, GM foods were introduced into everyday people’s life without careful studies of their effect on the human body. For example, introducing a Brazil nut gene into soybean, has turned out that people with allergies to nuts, began to react to the soybeans in the same way.Also, long use of genetically modified food leads to the appearance of bacteria resistant to antibiotics, with unpredictable response to medicaments.Finally, an impact on the human’s body in the long terms of use still isn’t clear, and the impact on human’s reproductive function is unknown.
To sum up, the official sources don’t tell us that the GM food is dangerous. To clarify, useful the GM food or dangerous, 40-50 years is needed. So, at this stage of genetically modified food’s research it is hard to say whether the GM food the opportunity or danger.

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Представлено сочинение на английском языке ГМО/ GMO с переводом на русский язык.

GMOs are organisms with changed genetic makeup. They are widely discussed nowadays, as it is still unknown whether they are healthy or not. ГМО – это организмы с измененной генетикой. Их активно обсуждают в настоящее время, так как до сих пор неизвестно, являются ли они полезными для здоровья или нет.
These organisms include various microorganisms, such as bacteria and yeast. They are the source of GM food. Genetically-modified organisms go through mutation of genes, their insertion or deletion. В них входят различные микроорганизмы, такие как бактерии и дрожжи. Они являются источником ГМ-продуктов. Генетически — модифицированные организмы проходят через мутацию генов, их введение или исключение.
Humans have been practicing genetic modifications since they first domesticated animals and plants. In the 20th century genetic engineering has reached its peak, thanks to modern technology. Люди занимались генной модификацией с тех пор, как они приручили животных и стали выращивать растения. В 20-м веке генная инженерия достигла своего пика, благодаря современным технологиям.
Today, GMOs are used in medicine, research, pharmaceutical sphere, agriculture. Speaking of genetically-modified food, people show different opinions. Some say they should be banned as they are unhealthy, others state that they are safe for human consumption. Supporters of genetic engineering are convinced that GMO have the same breeding, but is much faster to derive. Besides, it promises to cure some inherited diseases. Сегодня ГМО используют в медицине, научных исследованиях, фармацевтической сфере, сельском хозяйстве. Говоря о генетически — модифицированных продуктах, люди высказывают различные мнения. Некоторые говорят, что их нужно запретить, поскольку они не полезны для здоровья, другие утверждают, что они безопасны для потребления человеком. Сторонники генной инженерии уверены, что ГМО относится к тому же поколению продуктов, но их гораздо быстрее получать. Кроме того, возможно, что с их помощью будут лечить некоторые наследственные заболевания.
However, critics are against GMO, as its effect hasn’t been studied long enough. Some studies have shown that GM food is bad for human liver and kidney, because of antibiotics and hormones, which are given to cows and chickens. Moreover, genetic engineering might use allergens in food, which can result into allergic reactions in people. Another argument against GMO is the desire of large corporations to make money. They don’t care about human health, they just work on making modified fruit and vegetables to look better, which doesn’t add to its taste or freshness. Тем не менее, критики выступают против ГМО, так как их эффект не был достаточно изучен. Некоторые исследования показали, что ГМ-продукты плохо влияют на печень и почки человека, из-за антибиотиков и гормонов, которые вводят в организм коров и кур. Кроме того, генная инженерия может использовать в пище аллергены, что приведет к аллергическим реакциям у людей. Другой аргумент против ГМО – это желание крупных корпораций заработать деньги. Они не заботятся о здоровье человека, они просто работают над тем, чтобы модифицированные фрукты и овощи выглядели лучше, но это не отражается на их вкусе или свежести.
Thus, the problem of GMO still remains unsolved and controversial. Таким образом, проблема ГМО до сих пор остается нерешенной и спорной.

Is GM food danger or opportunity?

the 21st century, the genetic modification of food is manipulated to
grow more food. There are many people who have opinions for and against
genetic modification of food.

people think that the handling of food is wrong because it might not be
safe for health and also are against because they think they can be

However, there are also people
who are in favor for a few reasons; because it could help people who do
not really have to eat, also because many vecesesos engineered foods
taste good and finally because it may contain more vitamins than normal.

conclusion, I think the food manioular this well because in spite of
having bad things sometimes also has good things and that we have to
stay.  Today, almost every market products are already genetically

BY: Leire Aranzabal

Is GM food danger or opportunity?

In the 21st at
century, genetically modified of food manipulated to grow more food.
Many people have various opinions about GM food, there arguments for
and against.

Some people argue
that if we consume GM food, in the future we can have diseases like
cancer. Moreover many people have this disease. Also normal food rots
at short time.

However,there are
people who are in favor. GM food brings benefits, the seeds are
usually more fertile and they may contain more vitamins.

In conclusion, I
think that GM food could be a good idea because it has scientific
benefits. Today, almost every market products are already genetically


Genetically Modified food

One big problem of XXI century is The GM (Genetically Modified) food.

Some people say that GM food, can change the famine all over the world!!.

food looks and tastes very good, but if you analyze them, you will see
that there are many quimical elements that they are bad for us. They
don’t contain any extra vitamins and they can be toxic.

In my opinion, GM food is very bad for us and for our body.

By: Nicu Zatinga


 GM Food: danger or opportunity?

this century, the GM food is a comoon thing in our lives but people
have different opinions about it. There are arguments both for and
against GM food.

  Some people argue that the GM food could help people who suffer from
famine and that’s true because this food can be grown in very dry
places. Besides that, this food can have a very good appearance and may
contain additional vitamins.

  However, this genetical modified food might not be safe and it could
be toxic. As the food is genetically altered can have negative effects
and can be dangerous to people if it’s consumed for a long time. Finally
it is not natural and doesn’t offer the same benefits as a meal if it
is natural.

  In conclusion I think that GM food could be a good idea if it’s used
for people who don’t have anything else to eat, but it’s not the best
idea for normal people who can buy organic food.

BY: Georgiana Cocuz


people to day do not know what does carry the food. The reason for this
ocurence is because people do not know what genetical change does it

the GM food is good because the plant is more resistent to other
insects that attac them. Also the food can grow up faster.

the GM food the disadvantge is that the chemical products can becomo
you ill, and they are not healthy like the natural food.

In conclusion, in my opinion is more healty to eat natural food even if you have to pay more.



Genetically Modified food danger or opportunity?

such we know , GM foods are foods produced from organism that wwe had
specific changes introduced into their DNA . So , why are scientists
invented? Because they’re milions of people haven’t got enough to eat.
But people have different opinios about GM food.

Some people argue that Gm food could help people who suffer from
famine , that is why scientists invented them and  it can also contain
extra vitamins.

It’s good for people’s health  . Moreover , GM food is easy to grow up , because it  can be grown in very dry places .

    On the other hand ,  we don’t know if GM food  could be toxic  , so it  might not be safe .

However, it got a risk.

In conclusion , I think GM food is good to help people that they’re
malnutrition .But in my opinion it isn’t a natural and it could be

BY: Xueyi Yang

Are GM food good or bad?

Actually, GM food are very
usual on our supermarkets, houses… But are they really good for our health?

GM food are good because they
could help people who suffer from famine, they can cointain extra victims and
they can grown in very dry places.

But GM food have againts too,
like, they can be toxic and bad for our health and they can produce cancer.

In conclusión, I think that
the bussine should think about the halth of us and introduce fewer chemicals.


BY: Carlos Isla

GM food good or bad?

In the 21st centory, GM food is a controversial topic. There are arguments both for and against GM food.

people argue that could help people who suffer from famine thats what
they say the scientists. Also some people say thet the GM food contain
extra vitamins, thats great for the sportsman.

However, GM food might not be safe, because could be toxic. I don?t now if you can die but remains toxic.

In conclusión, I think that we should improve the GM food  to not be toxic.

Unai Elejaga 


Главная » Английский язык – 5 – 9 классы

слова also, moreover, however, on the other hand.

Использовать Writing plan (Writing plan ниже).

Writing plan:

1) Plan to write an essay with the title «Genetically modified food: danger or opportunity?» Are ideas a-f for or against?

GM food…

a) could help people who suffer from famine.

b) might not be safe.

c) can look and taste good.

d) can contain extra vitamins.

e) can be grown in very dry places.

f) could be toxic.


for *чорточка | разделяющая* against

2) Write your essay. Use the model to help you.

* introduction

* the argument for GM food

* the argument against GM food

* your conclusion

3) Check your writing.

*галочка* include at least one linker of contrast and one of addition.

*галочка* Check that you present both sides of the argument.

*галочка* Include at least one conditional sentence.

4) Write the final version and put it in your Dossier.

Ответ №1


Genetically modified food: danger or opportunity?


The issue of GM food was raised a long time ago. People find both positive and negative aspects of GMOs, so we should discuss both positive and negative ones.

Currently, genetically modified food helps people who suffer from famine in dry areas of our planet. Such food contains extra vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it often looks and tastes better than its natural original.  

On the other hand, even though GM food helps overcome global starvation its unnatural origin makes people be afraid that such a diet can lead to various hazardous conditions for their health. Some claim that GM food is toxic. Also, others point out that it cannot be safe and overconsumption of GMOs can lead to cancer. However, no evidence has been provided to support such a claim.  

Thus, people must understand that GM food has both positive and negative outcomes. They should be careful when selecting foods for their diet to avoid toxic ones.