If i were in the space сочинение

As a human being we have certain limitations. We are bound to certain things. We love the sky. We adore the beauty of sky.

The blue and white blanket spread all over the sky gives a sense of completeness and relief. It gives us peace. It feels so relaxing to look at the sky high above from the ground below. We adore the beauty of moon.

The moon is known for its mesmerizing appearance. We compare the beauty of an ordinary human being with the moon. We adore the beauty of sky at night. The sky which is filled with shining stars looks captivating.

The stars twinkle in the sky which is very amazing to look at. The beauty of the cosmic nature is so empowering. This beauty makes people sit for hours gazing at it in complete amusement.  

We human beings are bound to certain limitations. We can-not experience whatever we wish to. We are deprived of the experience of the beauty from the close proximity.

Yes, it is true that we can look at moon. Yes, it is true that we can look at the sky.

These all things present in the nature are visible t us but the sad part is we can-not experience them. We can-not feel the beauty.

We can-not touch the moon. We can-not touch the stars. We can-not play with the stars. It is not possible for us to do.

This is not the case which can be true for an ordinary human being. I love gazing at the sky filled with stars. I can sit for long to praise the beauty of the sky.

This is so magical a view for me. Far from our reach yet so captivating and tempting.  

A NASA astronaut testing out a propulsion unit during an untethered spacewalk

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Nature has no comparison with any of the man made things. Nature is powerful. Nature is magnificent. Nature is beautiful.

We all have learned about the solar system. We all know that there are planets in our solar system. But we all have the theoretical knowledge of all these things.

We have never seen them. We have seen the photographs available on the internet. There is no personal experience to it.

We know there are nine planets in our solar system. We know that the name of our galaxy is the milky-way galaxy. We know the name of the planets like Mercury.

We have the planet Venus. We have the planet mars. We have the planet Jupiter and many more. We have never seen them in personal. This is where the limitations of an ordinary human being bounds. 

But as it is there that man has made every -thing possible similarly this is also possible.  We can go on the moon. We can land on the moon.

We can touch the moon. We can live there for a while. All these things are possible. There are inventions of rockets that have made these things possible. The rockets go into the sky.

There is a branch of science which deals with all these comic phenomena. People have been sent to moon from earth.

The first man to go to the moon was the Neil Armstrong. From India Kalpana Chawla went to the moon and lived there. But unfortunately while returning she died.

These people are known as astronauts. Not everybody is eligible to go to the outer space. They need to be capable enough to qualify and become an astronaut.  

If I were an astronaut I would be very excited. I would be very happy. I would go to the outer-space. I would make people jealous of me because of my powers.

If I were an astronaut I would always have a chance to go the space unlike others. I would personally adore the beauty of sky.

Since there is no gravity in the space I would float all the time. I would float and dance. I would eat without the spoon because the spoon would also start to float.

I always wanted to fly. If I were an astronaut I would float which would give me the similar kind of experience.

I would go on the moon. I would hoist the flag of my country on the moon. I would stay there at the moon. I would closely examine each and everything over there.

I would see the stars twinkling. I would go and touch them. It would be very pleasing and memorable. 

I would look for the traces of life on moon. I would see if any kind of vegetation is possible there or not. I would find if there is availability of oxygen or not.

I would find if there is any trace of water or not. Since our planet earth is getting devoid of the resources day by day.

There will be a day when it will no more remain suitable to live. The pollution has increased. The population has increased. The demand of food is increased. The demand of products has increased.

There is enormous cutting of trees. The important non-renewable resources like oil and petroleum has depleted to a large extent. Taking into consideration all these things it has become necessary to have an option.  

If I were an astronaut I would keep all these factors in my mind. I would do this for the welfare of the people. If I were an astronaut I would enjoy the beauty of moon.

I would walk on the moon. I would play on the moon. I would dance on the moon. I would look to the other planets as well.

I would go to mars. I would see the red planet personally. I would bring the sand of mars to our planet. I would feel the heat of the sun. I would enjoy the peace and calmness of the silence in the space.

I would enjoy my each and every moment in the space. If I were an astronaut I would get to experience the things that an ordinary human can never experience. 

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Looking at the sky during night is always an amazing scene. It takes our breath away, every time when we see the night sky with countless stars twinkling, full moon and planets. I always wished I reach those far planets travelling in space. The only way I can fulfill my dream is to become an astronaut. Astronaut is a person who is trained to travel in a spaceship to go to outer space. If I were an astronaut, I wish my first mission will be to the moon. However, I will have to undergo a very strict training to survive in space We all have seen the training videos of astronauts in DISCOVERY channel where they even undergo underwater training. Life in space will be different with zero gravity and so we will experience zero weight and will float freely. Wow!!!! that seems to be an exciting thing. But how we will eat and drink?

If I were an astronaut, I would be wearing a very heavy space suit which will help me to survive in outer space. I will carry oxygen so that I can breathe and my space ship will be attached to a rocket. I can imagine the count down, and when it reached zero the rocket will be fired carrying me with our crew. After some time I will be floating in the spaceship. It will be really fun to play games in space. Finally we can see the target moon and we will prepare for the descent. Our space craft finally touched moon surface and its time that we step out and explore the moon. I will be driving a special vehicle and ride through moons surface. It will be such fun to drive in a weightless environment. Finally the time is up we regroup, get into our space craft and travels back. What an exciting dream. India is now preparing for manned space mission to moon. I wish I was selected as the person to travel to moon.

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Sometime I look to the left and to the right and think that our Earth is huge. But later on I start to think that our planet is only a small piece of space.

Nobody knows how big space is. I think space is an endless thing. People didn’t succeed to find the beginning or the end of it. I like to read different facts about space and everything what is there.

There is the sun in the center of the solar system. It’s a huge and hot star. Scientists succeeded to find out its size and temperature. But I don’t think we are able to invent the machine that can take us close to this star.

There are eight known planets around the sun. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These are the largest objects that orbit around the sun. But there are many more other things you can find in the solar system. There are also dwarf planets. They are Ceres, Pluto and Eris.

If you believe scientists our solar system is 4.568 billion of years. But nobody really knows how many more years it will exist. Our planet goes around it orbit during 365 days or 1 year. And because the Earth is turning around we have four seasons.

Our planet has natural satellite. It’s the Moon. The moon has a diameter about one-quarter of Earth’s.

But there are many other satellites, stars and comets in our solar system. Sometime we can see a comet passing not so far away of our planet. But for this you need a telescope. And in winter nights you can see stars falling down.

There are people who felt in love with space. They have never been there, but movies, stories, internet can tell us many interesting facts about it. I am one of them. I would like to see the space in future and even to do some research.


Порой я смотрю налево и направо и думаю, какая же огромная наша Земля. Но позже я ловлю себя на мысли, что наша планета – это маленькая частичка в космосе. И никто не знает, насколько наш космос огромен. А я думаю, что космос- это бесконечная вещь. Люди так и не смогли обнаружить, где начинается и где он заканчивается. Мне нравится порой почитать о космосе и всем, что с ним связано.

В центре солнечной системы расположено солнце. Это огромная горячая звезда. Ученые сумели вычислить ее размер и температуру. Но не думаю, что мы сможем изобрести машину, которая отвезла бы нас близко к солнцу. Вокруг солнца вращается 8 известных планет. Это Меркурий, Венера, Земля, Марс, Юпитер, Сатурн, Уран и Нептун. Это самые большие объекты, которые находятся возле солнца. Но в солнечной системе есть ещё множество других объектов. А ещё существуют и планеты-карлики. Это Церера, Плутон и Эрида.

Если верить ученым, нашей Солнечной системе 4.568 миллиардов лет. Но никто точно не знает, сколько ещё лет она будет существовать. Наша планета движется по своей орбите и совершает полное вращение за 365 дней или 1 год. А потому что Земля вращается у нас есть 4 поры года. У нашей планеты есть природный спутник. Это Луна. Диаметр Луны составляет примерно четверть диаметра Земли.

Но существует и многие другие спутники, звёзды и кометы в нашей Солнечной системе. Порой мы можем увидеть комету, пролетающую недалеко от планеты Земля. Но для этого вам понадобится телескоп. А зимними вечерами вы можете наблюдать потрясающий звездопад.

Есть люди, которые просто влюблены в космос. Они никогда не были там, но фильмы, истории, интернет могут рассказать нам много всего интересного. И я – один из любителей космоса. Я бы очень хотел увидеть солнечную систему в будущем и даже провести какие-то исследования.

People have dreamed of travelling in space for thousands of years. But it was not until 1957 that it became a reality.

On October 4, 1957 the USSR launched the first man-made satellite into space. It was called Sputnik 1.

On April 12, 1961 the soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to orbit the Earth. The first spacewoman in the world was Valentina Tereshkova. She made 48 orbits in 1963 in her Vostok 6.

On July 20, 1969 the American astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the Moon.

In 1986 the Russian space station Mir was launched.

Progress is inevitable and soon we’ll be able to visit and even live on other planets. The 21st century may turn science fiction into science fact. Scientists are already at work on the International Space Station, a “city of space”. It will be the size of a football field and will weigh over 200 tons. A team of 10-15 spacemen will probably be able to live and work at the International Space Station in 2005.

The next step will be the first moonbase. 20 or 30 scientists will live inside a dome with an artificial atmosphere. This will make it possible for them to live and work without spacesuits. It also means that they will be able to grow food. If the moonbase is a success, the first lunar city will be built. It will have schools and universities, cinemas and discos, scientific laboratories and hospitals. Even babies will be bom on the moon!

The next great step will be when people land on our nearest planet Mars. Scientists say that the planet once had water on its surface. If that water is now frozen underground, humans will be able to use it someday. By the end of the 21-st century, scientists hope, it will be possible to “terraform” Mars — transform the planet into an earthlike place with air and water. Space awaits the 21st century’s pioneers.

Будем ли мы жить в космосе?

Люди мечтали путешествовать в космосе тысячи лет. Но только в 1957 году, мечта стала реальностью.

4 октября 1957 г. СССР запустил первый искусственный спутник в космос. Это был “Спутник 1”.

12 апреля 1961 советский космонавт Юрий Гагарин стал первым человеком на орбите Земли. Первая женщина-космонавт в мире- Валентина Терешкова. Она сделала 48 оборотов вокруг Земли в 1963 году на “Востоке-6”.

20 июля 1969 американский астронавт Нил Армстронг стал первым человеком, ступившим на поверхность Луны.

В 1986 году русская станция “Мир” была запущена в космос.

Прогресс неизбежен, и вскоре мы сможем посетить и даже жить на других планетах. 21-й век может превратить научную фантастику в факт. Ученые уже работают на Международной космической станции над “городом в космосе”. Он будет размером с футбольное поле и будет весить более 200 тонн. Группа из 10-15 космонавтов, вероятно, будет иметь возможность жить и работать на Международной космической станции в 2005 году.

Следующим шагом станет первая база на Луне. 20 или 30 ученых будут жить внутри купола с искусственной атмосферой. Это даст им возможность жить и работать без скафандров. Это также означает, что они смогут производить продукты питания. Если Лунная база будет успешной, будет построен первый лунный город. Он будет иметь школы и университеты, кинотеатры и дискотеки, научные лаборатории и больницы. Даже дети будут родиться на Луне!

Следующий большой шаг будет, когда люди полетят к нашей ближайшей планете Марс. Ученые говорят, что планета когда-то имела воду на своей поверхности. Если вода в настоящее время заморожена под поверхностью, люди смогут использовать ее когда-нибудь. К концу 21-го века, как надеются ученые, станет возможным “терраформировать” Марс – преобразовать планету в подобное Земле место с воздухом и водой. Космос ждет пионеров 21-го века.



Space, or outer space, is the void existed between celestial bodies. That void is not completely empty. It also contains a low density of some particles, especially, hydrogen, electromagnetic radiation and interstellar medium. Scientists argue where the boundary between the atmosphere of the Earth and the space is because the density of the atmosphere decreases gradually as the altitude increases.

Космос, или космическое пространство, – пустота, существующая между небесными телами. Это пространство не является полностью пустым. Оно также содержит низкую плотность некоторых частиц, особенно водорода, электромагнитное излучение и межзвездную среду. Ученые спорят, где находится граница между атмосферой Земли и космосом. Дело в том, что плотность атмосферы постепенно уменьшается по мере увеличения высоты.

There are many space secrets. Many things concerning the space are not known or not studied. Anyway, modern people, especially scientists and astronauts, do their best to study the space. Yuri Gagarin was the first human to journey into outer space. His spacecraft completed the Earth orbit on the 12th of April in 1961. After that in 1969 the spacecraft “Apolo-11” landed humans on the Moon. Nowadays the International Space Station works in low Earth orbit.

One of the problems concerning the work of the astronauts is safety. First of all, it is the threat of orbital debris. It containing different objects such as spent rocket stages, different materials, defunct satellites and so on. One more problem is radiation. An astronaut in the space experiences the dose of radiation per day which a human on the Earth experiences per year.

Одна из проблем, касающихся работы космонавтов, – безопасность. Прежде всего, это угроза орбитального мусора. Он содержит различные объекты, такие как отработанные ступени ракеты, различные материалы, выведенные из эксплуатации спутники и т.д. Еще одна проблема – радиация. Космонавт в космосе в день подвергается такой дозе радиации, которой человек на Земле подвергается в год.

People are always interested in the theme of the space. Some people think about extraterrestrial civilizations. Other people just enjoy looking at the night sky and the stars. The space is one of the main themes in literature, film industry and even music industry.

Людей всегда интересует тема космоса. Некоторые люди думают о внеземных цивилизациях. Другие люди просто любят смотреть на ночное небо и звезды. Космос является одной из главных тем в литературе, киноиндустрии и даже в музыке.

Outer Space / Космос

The universe is huge. Scientists say it continues to expand. There are plenty of galaxies in the universe. Our solar system is located in the Milky Way galaxy.

Eight planets revolve around the Sun, including our Earth. The moon is a satellite of the earth. Previously nine objects were considered planets. But in 2006 scientists decided that Pluto did not meet the definition of a planet. It is now considered a dwarf planet.

Space exploration is very important for the future of our civilization. The processes in space affect our planet. When people knew nothing about space, they didn’t even understand what caused solar eclipses.

There are objects such as comets and asteroids in outer space. They are a potential danger. The collision of a massive object with the Earth can be a real disaster.

People have been dreaming of other planets colonization for a long time. So far, humans managed only going to the moon. But technology is constantly improving. Scientists from different countries conduct research on orbital stations.

No one knows for sure if there are habitable planets like Earth somewhere in the universe. So far, we can only guess.

Вселенная огромна. Ученые говорят, что она продолжает расширяться. Во вселенной есть множество галактик. Наша солнечная система находится в галактике Млечный Путь.

Вокруг Солнца вращаются 8 планет, среди которых наша Земля. Луна – это спутник земли. Ранее считалось, что планет девять. Но в 2006 году ученые решили, что Плутон не соответствует определению планеты. Теперь он считается карликовой планетой.

Изучение космоса очень важно для будущего нашей цивилизации. Процессы, происходящие в космосе, влияют на нашу планету. Когда люди ничего не знали о космосе, они даже не понимали, из-за чего происходят солнечные затмения.

В космосе есть такие объекты как кометы и астероиды. Они представляют потенциальную опасность. Столкновение массивного объекта с Землей может стать настоящей катастрофой.

Люди давно мечтают о колонизации других планет. Пока что, людям удалось побывать только на Луне. Но технологии постоянно совершенствуются. Ученые из разных стран мира проводят исследования на орбитальных станциях.

Никто точно не знает, есть ли где-то во вселенной обитаемые планеты, подобные Земле. Пока мы можем только гадать.

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For years, astronomers, scientists of all kinds, and even average people have wondered if there is such thing as life on other planets. Many dedicate all of their time to researching extraterrestrial life. Some believe researching something we have no proof of is a waste of time. 
Modern day telescopes have detected Earth-sized planets orbiting nearby stars. An ancient Martian rock shows signs of life, and scientists wonder if Jupiter’s moon Europa contains life in its oceans. The idea that there is even a tiny hint of life that we share the universe with, not just living beings, but capable, intelligent life much like our own, opens new doors for further extensive research. 
Spacecraft have explored all of the planets in our solar system except Pluto, and so far there are no signs of extraterrestrial life. Though no life has been found, there is no reason to give up a search for something out there we don’t know about yet. Are certain scientists right in proposing that life originated on Mars, and could still exist today? It all remains up for debate. 
To further one’s education regarding life in outer space, knowledge of life and evolution must first be obtained. J.B.S. Haldane, a Scottish biochemist, and A.P. Oparin, a Russian biochemist, researched the formation of earth and concluded that “soon after the Earth’s formation, the necessary chemical elements were present for complex molecules to form molecules that are needed for life,” (19-4). To assess the possibility that life exists now, or has at some point, on some other planet or moon, we have to know whether the conditions there are/were much like life as we know it on Earth. The first requirement for life is liquid water; without it, any kind of life, is impossible. But, how do we know what other life forms require to survive if we have never interacted with them?

Представлено сочинение на английском языке Освоение космоса/ Space Exploration с переводом на русский язык.

Space Exploration Освоение космоса
For me and for many people space is something mysterious. There are a lot of scientists exploring it and trying to understand what is happening there. Для меня и для многих людей космос – это что-то таинственное. Многие ученые исследуют его и пытаются понять, что же там происходит.
On the 12th of April 1961 the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to travel into space. When he made the first space trip he was 27 years old. He spent 89 minutes in space, went around the Earth. The speed of a spaceship was over 17 thousand miles per hour. After this historic event Gagarin became a worldwide hero. After Gagarin’s space voyage it seemed like every child wanted to become a cosmonaut. 12 апреля 1961 года советский космонавт Юрий Гагарин стал первым человеком, совершившим полет в космос. Когда он отправился в космос, ему было 27 лет. Он провел там 89 минут, облетел вокруг Земли. Скорость корабля составляла более 17 тысяч миль в час. После этого исторического события, Гагарин стал всемирным героем. После его путешествия в космос, казалось, каждый ребенок хотел стать космонавтом.
Some people think that Space Exploration is a waste of time and money. They say that money spent on space research could be given to poor people. I think we should help them and solve this global problem, but not by reducing money for development. Некоторые люди считают, что освоение космоса – это трата денег и времени. Они говорят, что деньги, потраченные на исследование космоса, можно было бы отдать бедным. Я думаю, мы должны помогать им и решать эту глобальную проблему, но не уменьшая количество денег, потраченное на развитие.
I think that people should visit other planets and make researches in space. I believe exploring of space helps people find some new things such as new minerals or substances. It is also a way to predict what will happen to us in the future or prevent some catastrophes. Я считаю, что люди должны посещать другие планеты и исследовать космос. Я полагаю, что исследование космоса может помочь людям найти новые вещи, такие как новые минералы или вещества. Это также способ предсказать, что случится с нами в будущем и предотвратить некоторые катастрофы.