Speak about a book you have read follow the outline сочинение

Представлено сочинение на английском языке Книга, которую я прочитала/ The Book I Have Read с переводом на русский язык.

The Book I Have Read Книга, которую я прочитала
My name is Regina and I’m fourteen years old. I study at the local secondary school at the eighth grade. One of my favourite subjects is Literature, as I like reading very much. I’m a frequent visitor of the library. I’ve already read more than thirty books there. There were a few in English by the way. Меня зовут Регина и мне четырнадцать лет. Я учусь в средней общеобразовательной школе в восьмом классе. Одним из моих любимых предметов является литература, потому что я очень люблю читать. Я часто посещаю библиотеку. Я уже прочитала там более тридцати книг. Некоторые из них, кстати, были на английском языке.
The book that I have recently read was rather interesting and exciting. It was from classics, written by a well-known Russian author A. S. Pushkin. I’ve never thought I would enjoy reading a book from classic literature list, especially written in a form of a poem, but this one was different. Once you read “Eugene Onegin” you realize how masterful the author was. Undoubtedly, he had a sharp mind and inexhaustible imagination. Книга, которую я прочла недавно, была довольно интересной и захватывающей. Она была из классики, написанная известным российским автором А. С. Пушкиным. Я никогда не думала, что мне так понравится читать книгу из списка классической литературы, тем более написанную в стихотворной форме, но эта отличалась от других. После прочтения «Евгения Онегина» понимаешь, насколько мастерски писал автор. Несомненно, у него был острый ум и неисчерпаемая фантазия.
The book is about one young and outgoing young man, who was very popular and welcomed in beau monde circles. Eugene’s life has fully changed when he met loving and sincere Tatiana Larina, who lived in the neighborhood. Tatiana quickly fell in love with this attractive dandy, but his heart wasn’t touched then. He understands what mistake he made by rejecting Tatiana much later, when he meets her at Saint-Petersburg but she is already married. Эта книга об одном молодом и общительном человеке, который был очень популярен и почитаем в высших кругах. Жизнь Евгения полностью изменилась, после того, как он встретил любящую и искреннюю Татьяну Ларину, которая жила по соседству. Татьяна быстро влюбилась в этого привлекательного франта, но его сердце тогда осталось нетронутым. Он понял, какую ошибку совершил, отказавшись от Татьяны, гораздо позже, когда повстречал ее в Санкт-Петербурге, но она была уже замужем.
No doubt that the plot is rather intricate and well-developed. However I liked the author’s style of writing more. Of course, I’ve read many poems written by Pushkin before, but this one had a special impact on me. Несомненно, сюжет интригующий и хорошо развит. Однако мне больше понравился авторский стиль написания. Конечно, я и раньше читала много поэм, написанных Пушкиным, но это оказало особое влияние на меня.

Talk About a Book You Read Recently IELTS Cue Card Topic

Talk about a book that you have read recently. Please say

What was its title?
Who is the author?
What did you learn from it?

And explain why you liked or disliked it.


You should say:

  • what the book is
  • who wrote the book
  • what the book is about

and explain how much you enjoyed reading this book.

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Sample Answer 1:

Describe a book you have read recently – The Fortunate Pilgrim

The book I have recently finished and enjoyed so much is called “The Fortunate Pilgrim”, and I would like to talk about it for this topic.

It is a novel by Mario Puzo which was first published in the year 1965. The writer Mario Puzo is well-known for his famous mafia book “The Godfather”. He, nevertheless, received numerous positive reviews for his book “The Fortunate Pilgrim”. The writer had developed the story of this novel based on his mother’s immigration struggling for respectability in the United States. Mario Puzo himself considered this novel to be his finest though Godfather earned him much more fame and earning.

The novel tells the story of an immigrant family living in New York City. The mother of the family, Lucia Santa is the protagonist of it. It is her formidable will that steers the family members through the Great Depression and early years of World War II. The story, events, and the characters become so real that the readers can’t stop wondering about them even when they are not reading. The writer had been able to tell an ordinary story extraordinarily. It makes us feel and relate the characters, their happiness, sorrows and sufferings in our lives, and that’s why the characters and stories got the power to keep readers awake the whole night. Mario Puzo has shown literacy excellence in this story and it will keep on surprising readers in the coming decades.

I liked the book very much and finished it within 3 days. I have always been a great admirer of Puzo’s writing style, and “The Fortunate Pilgrim” was a bit different from his famous mafia books. It touches the reader’s mind, keeps them wondering and tells them an amazing story. So, I had every valid reason to enjoy this book to a great extent.

Sample Answer 2:

Describe a book you have read recently – The Wings of Fire

It is a well-known fact that books are best friends. Some people get motivated while reading books, and others read to drain the stress and anxiety. I am an avid reader, and out of all the books I’ve read, the one which I loved was ‘The Wings of Fire’ by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

My sister gifted me the book on my birthday as she knew that I was fond of reading autobiographies. And this book by Dr. Kalam had a great influence on me and still inspires me, and I began devouring it on the same day. The book explains how Kalam started his career and became the best rocket Engineer.

The book is about his journey, accomplishments, and about he managed to overcome his obstacles. He describes his presidential post as a piece of luck, and his achievement as a rocket Engineer was because of sheer hard work. Throughout the book, one thing that stands out is Kalam’s positive thinking and his secret to success hidden in his ability to ignore negative things. That is why he had contributed and accomplished a lot in his life.

Kalam’s journey in the book inspires us to achieve our dreams by beating all the odds. A fable in the book emphasizes the importance of family, relatives, and friends in helping accomplish each other’s goals and turning dreams into realities.

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Sample Answer 3:

A Book You Have Recently Read IELTS Cue Card –  Rich Dad Poor Dad

I am not fond of reading many books apart from my textbooks. but during this pandemic time, I was free at home so I decided to read a book which my friend gifted me, and I read it all.

I found this book very exciting and motivating and would like to read it again. The book’s name is ‘Rich dad poor dad’. • Rich Dad Poor Dad is about Robert Kiyosaki and his two dads story, and the ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing • It was first published in 1997 and quickly became a must-read book for people who want to become rich with smart work. The book has been translated into dozens of languages, sold around the world, and has become the number 1 Personal Finance book of all time. Robert Kiyosaki tells the story of his two dads in his childhood. His own father and the father of his best friend. While he loved both, they were very different when it came to dealing with finances. starts with the idea that many of us are too afraid of being branded as a weirdo, 90% of people still stick to the outdated mantra “Go to school, go to college, get a job, play it safe.” when in reality no job is safe anymore. when your greed takes over, you might then spend the extra money on an improved lifestyle, like buying a car, and the payments eat up the money – this way you’re guaranteed to lose 100% But if you educate yourself financially, you can multiply it but take the right decisions I found it very useful for me.

I learned from this book how to use money as a tool for wealth development. if you are born poor it is not your fault but if you die poor it is totally your fault. Hard work is important, but with smart work, you can enhance the productivity of quality of life. If you take a risk you can win but if you do not take risks you definitely lose. This book I found useful, it guided me in my finance management and I recommend any of my friends to read this book

Sample Answer 4:

Describe a Book You Have Recently Read – Harry Potter

Well, the first book I can think of is definitely Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which is the seventh book, also the final novel, of the Harry Potter series. I became a fan of this fantasy story when I was still a child. So by the release of the final, I’d been obsessed with the series for almost ten years. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I could finally read the ending of this story.

Anyway, I read it as soon as it was published. Even though this was about twelve years ago, I remember the release like it was yesterday. I waited for hours in front of a bookstore in a hundred-meter line full of excited Hany Potter fans like me, mostly teens, of course, just to get the book on the day of its release. And once I started reading it, I literally couldn’t put it down.

The final Harry Potter book really blew my mind. I mean, it has a happy ending as I expected. Like Hany has to die once and comes back to life so he can defeat the villain, Voldemort. I finished the book with an overwhelmed feeling that was a mix of excitement, happiness and some loss.

Honestly, I’ve reread this novel ton of times. I’ve even written some glowing reviews of the book on social media, which I’ve never done for other books. It’s a really exciting book that left a mark on me.

Sample Answer 5:

IELTS Cue Card Talk About a Book You Read Recently – The Secret

I like to read books not just from my prescribed course, but also additional ones according to my own interest. I personally gain a lot from reading books, as they improve my intellect and make me learn about new concepts. The book that I’m going to talk about is ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne.

I read this book almost a year ago for the first time. I knew about it before but I really never got the chance to read it. I finally looked for it online and bought it.

‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne is a self-help motivational book that shows readers positive aspects of life, and also encourages them to strive for success. The book discusses the law of attraction and how to use it in almost every aspect of life.

The book beautifully explains how thoughts influence your actions and in turn, the experiences that you have in your life. It focuses on setting a goal in the mind and then believing in yourself to achieve that goal. The law of attraction is linked to every walk of life like possessions, dreams, goals, success, and even health. The logic is quite simple, that if ambition is clearly visualized in the mind, then the motivation will attract everything you want.

The Secret is a powerful yet simple book that encouraged my visualization and boosted my motivation. It made me realize that we are the creators of our own reality in a very practical manner. It gave me immense positivity, and the confidence to succeed in work and relationships. It basically gave me the key to being happy.

Sample Answer 6:

Book IELTS Cue Card –  How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Last year due to Corona Pandemic, my country was in a state of lockdown. Since I did not have much to do while sitting at home, I went into depression.

I tried many things to come out of it, but all my efforts went in vain. During that time, one of my friends gifted a book to me, written by a renowned self-improvement writer Mr. Dale Carnegie. The name of the book was “How to stop worrying and start living“.

It is a self-improvement book that teaches you the perfect ways to get rid of stress in your life.

This book is about handling depression in our lives. According to the writer of this book, when we have stress regarding something, we find it difficult to focus on work. And due to that, our productivity at work goes for a toss. So just worrying about anything doesn’t do any good to us rather it leads us towards a wrong trajectory.

Moreover, according to him, there is no point in having worries concerning the past or future. We should live our lives in the present. Our past is good for us if we use it as a medium to learn from it. However, if we keep on thinking about our past, we would ultimately become depressed.

As far as the future is concerned, there is no harm in having plans for it. But, one shouldn’t service the present for having a worthwhile life in the future.

I find this book exciting because excitement in our lives thrives primarily on having fewer worries and more enjoyment. This book adds to our joys by bringing a paradigm shift in our thinking process.

It helped me to come out of boredom and depression. Due to its valuable inputs, I have started enjoying my life to the full extent. Whenever I have conflicts in my life, I handle them adroitly.

It is a must-read book for people from all walks of life.

Sample Answer 7:

A Book You Read IELTS Cue Card – Atomic Habits

Being a voracious reader, I love to read books. Although I have read many exciting books in my life, there is one book that has caught my attention.

Last month I had to go for a job interview in the capital city. Since the journey was too long, I decided to utilize my time productively by reading a book.

Before boarding the train, I purchased a book by the name of “Atomic Habits“.

This book is so exciting and addictive. During the journey, most of the time, I remained involved in reading this masterpiece.

This book is a self-improvement book.

The central focus of this book is on the habits of people. It says that we can bring a paradigm shift in our lives by replacing our bad habits with good habits.

Whether we have to improve our skills by working on this. By making a tiny improvement of one percent every day, we can improve our performance by thirty-seven percent at the end of the year.

This book is exciting because, after reading it, you can handle all the conflicts in your life adroitly.

There is no denying this conviction that most people work tremendously hard to gain success in their lives.

This book has explained the process of attaining success in a consummate manner.

It adds excitement to your life by giving you hope.

Such was the impact of this book that, I achieved my most awaited goals, in just six months after reading this book.

In nutshell, this book can add fun and excitement to your life by leading you towards an impressive growth trajectory.

Sample Answer 8:

IELTS Cue Card Topic A Book You Read – Wonder

Today I am going to talk about “Wonder”, the book that left me with lots of thoughts and emotions after I finished it.

I don’t remember exactly when but there was one time my favorite Youtuber said that “Wonder” was the most engaging book she had ever read. Not long after that, I decided to purchase the book online. And she was right, when I finished “Wonder”, I could not stop thinking about how it inspired and refreshed me.

“Wonder” tells an incredibly moving and inspiring story of a little boy named August, who was born with an extreme facial deformity. When August turned 10, he decided to attend school for the first time. During his school days, though August was harassed and mocked for his “alien” look, he was still lucky enough to have some nice friends as companions. Things got worse when August and his schoolmates went camping for three days. On the second night, August encountered a group of older kids who tried to bully him. Luckily, he was rescued by three boys who were usually mean to him at school. After this incident, August and his friends won a special award for their courage and kindness.

“Wonder” is truly a fast-moving and gripping book that I could hardly put it down. All I could feel after reading this story was the sense of love and goodness. I was also infused with inspiration and appreciation for good things and kind people. I think I would always remember this saying: “When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind”.

Sample Answer 9:

Describe a Book You Recently Read Cue Card Topic – Wings of Fire

I have not read many books apart from my textbooks. Here, I would like to talk about a book, which my friend gifted me, and I read it all.
I found this book very exciting and motivating and would like to read it again.

This book is ‘The Wings of Fire’ by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. My friend got this book as a prize when she participated in a declamation contest. It is Dr.Kalam’s autobiography. It was first published in 1999. This book became popular only after Dr. Kalam became the President of India. He was sworn in as the president of India on 25th July 2002. Mr. Arun Tiwari helped Dr. Kalam in writing the book.
In this book, Dr. Kalam says why he wrote his autobiography. This book is very motivating.

From this book, I came to know all about the life and achievements of Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. Dr. Kalam was born in a very poor family in the southern parts of India at Rameshwaram. The reason why I admire him is that his life shows how & ordinary boy from a deprived class (poor family) could reach the highest level of the nation. He became not only the best rocket engineer but also the first citizen of the nation. It is true that he described his post as the President as a piece of luck, but his achievement as a rocket engineer was because of sheer hard work. He is a role model for one and all.

The success of Dr. Kalam depended on the fact that he was willing to grow daily. He learned everything that come to him and was always looking for things to learn. The real success of Dr.Kalam is in his application of the discipline, what he learned, in other fields also.
That is why he could contribute to the making of artificial limbs of lesser weight. In him, we find a person with an insatiable quest for knowledge & great love for suffering fellow beings.

Unfortunately, we don’t have Dr. Kalam with us today, but he will live in the hearts of all Indians. I would like to read this book again, because it is a very motivating book.

Sample Answer 10:

Describe a Book that You Enjoyed Reading Cue Card Topic – Filipino Cuisine

I’d like to talk about a cookbook that was given to me by my best friend several years ago.
The title of the book is ”Filipino Cuisine” and what’s inside is a compilation of the Philippines’s mouth-watering dishes such as the Adobo and Kare-Kare. Adobo’s main ingredient is pork or chicken stewed in vinegar, garlic, soy sauce, bay leaves, and peppercorns while Kare-Kare is an oxtail stew and is always best to eat with steamed rice and shrimp paste. They’re actually a perfect pair.

Cookbooks or recipe books belong to non-fiction category since it consists of factual information and a step-by-step guide in cooking. It also includes the name of the author and a short introduction about its content.

Actually, I’m not so fond of non-fiction type of books, however, once in my life, I got interested in cooking and I have always told my best friend about it. We both know that I’m a terrible cook at that time and so that must be the reason why she bought me that book.

When I started reading it, I realized that cooking is not really that complicated as it seemed to me before. Through it, I’ve learned to prepare different Filipino dishes from the main course to desserts. Each time I was able to cook a recipe perfectly, I always felt a sense of achievement. This recipe book is very useful for me because firstly, it taught me the do’s and dont’s in the kitchen. Another one is, it helped me develop another essential life skill which is cooking and now finally, I can prepare scrumptious and healthy meals for my family. I probably would like to read it over and over again because I haven’t memorized yet some of the recipes and reading it again will refresh my memory once more.

Sample Answer 11:

Book IELTS Cue Card – The life of loneliness

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. Well, books are a prominent source of information, feelings, and inspiration. There are lots of books available nowadays related to emotions, history, poetry, inspiration. I read many books. But now, I have to ask to talk about a that I recently read. I am feeling glad to share that recently I read the book named “The life of loneliness ” written by Dr. Narinder Singh Kapoor.

I heard about this from my friend. He said this book is full of inspiration. Then, I wanted to buy that. But I didn’t find this book in the market. So, my friend gave it to me for some time. When I read this book, I really felt awesome because this book was full of thoughts that described a persons’ thinking, views over different things. After reading this book, I felt that this book did not even contain any poetry, story but contained single-single line thoughts with a number of stories. As the name of the book describes, The life of loneliness means a single sentence containing a particular story about a person.

This book was 330 pages and approximately contained 1071 sentences or we can say 1071 stories about human beings. All the thoughts described a child, younger, older, women, and men’s thinking and views. I must say, this book helps you to understand a person’s thoughts that you meet daily.

I am happy after reading that book and always grateful to my friend who had suggested me to read this book. And I also want to read this book again and again.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 :

Describe a Book You Recently Read – Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions that you may get during your speaking part 3 by the examiner related to cue card “Describe a Book You Recently Read”.

1. Do people in your country like to read books?
Yes, people in my country like to read books. There are bookshops in most towns and cities, which are all doing good business.

2. What kinds of books are most popular in your country?
All types of books are very popular. India is a diverse country. People have diverse tastes in everything, including reading.

3. Do you think reading is important?
Yes, reading is very important. It develops imagination and also develops language skills.

4. Do you think electronic books will eventually replace paper books?
Not completely, but to a large extent yes. E-books have a lot of advantages

Benefits of e-books over traditional books
Easy to carry while traveling – eBooks allow you to bring a whole library with you wherever you go. You can switch between titles with ease and the weight is lighter than a standard ieltsxpress paperback.

Need less storage space– Those who own a lot of books know how much space they can take up, but with a reader, your bookshelf is located on a small handheld device, your computer, or on both.

Less costly– eBooks are often cheaper in the long run because there are no printing fees associated with them. In fact, you can often find free eBooks online, whereas physical books almost always cost you something. However, you have to spend one time on a reader, such as a kindle or any other tablet.

Immediate purchase – When you buy an eBook, your reward is instantaneous.Whereas if you order a book online you have to wait for it to arrive before the fun begins. You can do font adjustments. With an eBook, you can instantly change the darkness of the lettering or the size of your font. You can do night reading. If you read in bed, an eBook may be a good option as many readers come with built-in reading lights.ieltsxpress

5. Some people like to collect books. Why do you think they do this?
They do so because they love books. They treat books as collectibles and are proud of their collection.

6. Is compulsory reading (in school) is a good idea?
Yes, definitely. In order for students to achieve in math, science, English, history, geography, and other subjects, reading skills must be developed to the point that most of them are automatic. Students cannot struggle with word recognition when they should be reading quickly for comprehension of a text. But the ability to read and write develops with careful planning and instruction. Children need regular and active interactions with print.

7. What books do children read and what do adults read?
Children read fantasy, fiction, and books on supernatural characters like Barbie, Superman, and Shaktiman. Adults read biographies, fiction, and religious and spiritual books.ieltsxpress

8. Why do men and women prefer different books?
This is because they have different tastes.

9. Why did some books become internationally popular?
This is perhaps because these receive a lot of publicity.

10. What type of books do children read nowadays? What type of books did children like reading in the past and what do you think they will read in the future?
Nowadays, generally speaking, the reading habit of children is on the decline. Whatever books they read are based on fantasy, fiction and supernatural characters like Barbie, superman, and Shaktiman.

50 years ago – Children read a lot. They read moral and spiritual books. They read animal stories.

After 50 years – I do not think they will do any reading. All the time will be spent in front of computers.

11. Do you think children have lost their interest in stories?
No, I don’t think that children have lost their interest in stories. However, the stories they read today are very different from those in the past.

12. Can storybooks be an ideal gift for children?
Yes, definitely! Storybooks can be an ideal gift for children. They can help the child imagine the characters in the mind, which is the first step to creativity. Another important benefit is that we can impart the knowledge of culture, tradition, moral values, and religion in the mind of the child. This forms the basis of the child’s personality. Finally, storybooks enhance the curiosity of the child and enhance their mental growth.ieltsxpress

13. What can be done to encourage the habit of reading among children?
A lot can be done to encourage the habit of reading among children. The first and foremost step would be to make books available. There should be good libraries in the schools as well as in neighborhoods. Storytelling competitions could be organized. If children have to take part in these competitions, then naturally, they would be encouraged to read books. Finally, books could be made more interesting by adding graphics.

14. How does reading help a child?
Reading helps to improve concentration. It also helps to improve general knowledge. It also improves language skills and satisfies the curiosity of children on various things.

15. What sort of books can be suggested to children to read?
Children should be encouraged to read religious and historical books. They should also read biographies and autobiographies of famous people so that they get motivation from them. They should also be encouraged to read books on science and technology. However, these books should be made very interesting by adding pictures.

16. How much should a child read every day?
A child should read half to one hour daily.I think that would be enough considering that they have to go to school and do their homework as well.

17. What is the difference between the books sold in the past and the books sold nowadays?
In the past, books related to culture, tradition, religion, and history were sold. Nowadays, books are mostly based on fiction and fantasy. E-books have become very popular nowadays as compared to printed books.

Why do You think Reading is Important?
Reading is important because it helps in developing creativity and imagination. It will enable the reader to develop a better vocabulary and get a hold of the language. It will eventually lead to better speaking and listening skills as well since it will instill (meaning- firmly establish) confidence in the reader. Reading is a great way to learn and explore, and it surely improves the intellect of a person.

Can Storybooks be Ideal Gifts for Children?
Storybooks can definitely be very good gifts for children. They enable children to visualize characters in their minds, which is really helpful in developing creativity. Also, storybooks can impart the knowledge of moral values, culture, tradition, and religion in the mind of children. Also, children who read storybooks are curious and their mental growth is enhanced when they ask questions and get answers.

Which do you prefer paper books or e-books?

I prefer the latter as it is way more convenient than the former. Electronic books like Kindle from Amazon are really handy. I can take it anywhere and anytime. Also, I can purchase and download more digital books online if I want to without going to a bookstore. Yes, I cannot deny the fact that there are some downsides of using electronic books but since my priority is convenience, I cannot trade e-books for paper books.

Do you think people these days still read books?
Yes definitely! Even though we are now in the internet era, there are still many people who enjoy reading books since it provides plenty of benefits to them, such as, being able to exercise their mind through learning a new set of vocabulary or enhancing their comprehension skills. Also, through reading, people become well-informed and more creative since it does stir their imagination. In addition, according to science people whose first love is reading are less likely to get dementia because their brain becomes more alert.

With these great benefits, I am confident to say that reading is still a popular hobby among people amid this frontier technology generation. Reading is one of those activities that people can never be taken for granted.
How can we encourage children to read books?
Well, frankly speaking, it is more than a challenge these days to motivate children to read because of the existing entertainment distractions, such as playing computer games, socializing on social media platforms, and the like. However, I suppose we can make them love reading or influence them to read through modeling. If we adults show them that we enjoy reading, then it is highly likely that they will imitate us.

In reality, the love of reading starts at a very early age. When parents spend time reading bedtime stories to their children before going to sleep, their children will surely get used to reading and it will become a habit to them. However, if parents never practice that with their children, then it is just hard to make them love reading and as a result, they will surely have difficulty encouraging their children to read.

Do children need to learn how to read while they are still young?
In my opinion, children have to learn how to read as early as three to six years of age. (Explain) In the first six years, a child’s brain is like a sponge that can easily absorb information and make them easier to teach. (Example) For example, I have been teaching reading classes to graders and after talking to the parents, I figured out that the students who can effortlessly remember what I teach are those who started reading at a very young age.

Do you think there is a difference between reading habits in the past and in the present day?
Yes. There is a huge difference in the way people read before and now. (Explain) In the past, people tend to read paper books to gather information or to kill time. However, these days, people prefer reading articles, books, and other written material using electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. They say that it’s more convenient to read using these gadgets since it is handy and pocket-friendly. (Example) For instance, if I want to read before sleeping, I don’t have to switch on the light in the bedroom to be able to read. All I have to do is adjust the brightness of my smartphone screen to read well.

What is the impact of e-books on reading habits?
In my opinion, the most significant impact of digital books in our reading habit is that it makes our every reading experience hassle-free. (Explain) As we all know, e-books can be accessed conveniently. We can actually read whenever and wherever we please. Therefore, more and more people have the opportunity to gather information and learn. (Example) For example, in the past, people need to buy books or borrow from the library in order to do their homework or to study but now, they can study without bothering to go to other places because all they need is their smartphone or tablet.

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Describe a book you have read recently

You should say:

  • What kind of book it is
  • Who wrote the book
  • What the story of the book is
  • And explain if it is a good book or not.

Sample Answer

I’m going to talk about a book named “一个人,三十座城.” I just started it and I’m halfway done. It doesn’t have an English version, so there’s no proper English name either. By a literal translation of its Chinese name, it simply means “One person, thirty cities”. As its name suggests, it’s a travel journal.

If memory serves correctly, my friend Lisa, who is crazy about traveling, recommended the book to me several months ago. It came with glowing recommendations from her. She said the book mainly focuses on showcasing the beautiful nature and interesting places in China. And it would be the best book to choose if I wanted to travel without going anywhere.

The author of this book is a journalist in a travel program. She traveled to 30 cities in mainland China with a budget of only 20 thousand yuan. And she wrote a specific travel log for each city she’s been to. The book also has tons of knowledge about the local conditions and customs in all parts of China. I actually gained so much useful and helpful traveling information from it.

Even though I haven’t finished this book yet, I’m so fond of it. It really helps me to relax. Whenever I’m stressed with work and study, I always read it to wind down. Plus, from this book, I learned some great tips that’ll help me enjoy the journey without breaking the bank.

Vocab Highlights

if my memory serves me (well​/​right​/​correctly): used for saying that you think you have remembered something correctly

be crazy about something: to be very interested in something or love someone very much

glowing /ˈɡloʊɪŋ/ (adj): giving enthusiastic praise; praising with enthusiasm

travelogue/travelog /ˈtrævəlɔːɡ/(n): a film, broadcast or piece of writing about travel

wind down: to gradually relax after doing something that has made you tired or worried


  1. Отзыв о книге на английском языке (opinion about a book in English)
  2. How to write an opinion about a book (in English)
  3. Kinds (Types) of books:
  4. Образец отзыва на книгу А. Конан Дойля «Собака Баскервилей»
  5. Сочинение на тему My favourite book на английском
  6. Сочинение на тему My favourite book (№1) с аудио и переводом
  7. Полезные фразы
  8. Перевод
  9. Сочинение на тему My favourite book (№2) с аудио и переводом
  10. Полезные слова и выражения
  11. Перевод
  12. Сочинение на тему My favourite book (№3) с аудио и переводом
  13. Полезные слова и выражения
  14. Перевод
  15. Сочинение на тему My favourite book (№4) с аудио и переводом
  16. Полезные слова и выражения
  17. Перевод
  18. Сочинения о Книгах на английском языке с переводом на русский язык

Отзыв о книге на английском языке (opinion about a book in English)

books small

Итак, Вы прочитали книгу на английском языке. Однако часто требуется выразить свое мнение о прочитанном произведении, а именно, написать отзыв о книге на английском языке. Предлагаю Вам шаблон краткого отзыва, который Вы можете дополнить нужными словами. Конечно, это очень упрощенный вариант. Обязательно дополните его своими предложениями. Больше эмоций! Вспомните свои ощущения во время чтения и попытайтесь передать их на бумаге. Удачи!

How to write an opinion about a book (in English)

1) I am going to say (write) a few words about a book (story) I have recently read.

Я собираюсь сказать(написать) несколько слов о книге (рассказе), который я недавно прочитал.

2) The book (story) is written by the well-known English (American, French, Russian, etc) writer of the ….. century …… (name of the writer).

Это книга (рассказ) написана хорошо-известным английским (американским, французским, русским, и т.д.) писателем ……века……(имя писателя)

3) The title of the book (story) is …..

4) It is a ……(type of the book).

Эта ……….(здесь указываете жанр, в котором написано произведение. См. в конце статьи)

5) The plot of the book is incredibly interesting (exciting/ intricate/ rather simple, something special).

Сюжет книги невероятно интересный (увлекательный/ запутанный/ довольно простой)

6) The book tells us about a……who …….(contents of the book in short)

Книга рассказывает нам о …(имя главного героя), который …. (краткое содержание книги).

7) There are some humorous (funny, sad, tragic, thrilling ) episodes in the book.

В книге много смешных (забавных, грустных, трагических, страшных) эпизодов.

8) I couldn’t help smiling (laughing, feeling sad/ nervous, crying) while reading it.

Я не могла не улыбнуться (сдержать смех, чувствовать грусть, слезы) во время чтения.

9) To cut a long story short,………(here the end of the book must be given)

Короче говоря, ….. (здесь излагаете вкратце, чем закончилась книга)

10) On the whole the book is good. It is worth reading.

В целом книга хорошая. Ее стоит почитать.

11) If you like …….(type of the book), I advise you to read it.

Если вы любите …. (указываете жанр), я советую вам прочитать ее.

Kinds (Types) of books:

Образец отзыва на книгу А. Конан Дойля «Собака Баскервилей»

My opinion about the book «The Hound of Baskervilles» by A. Conan Doyle

This summer I have read the book “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, which was written by the famous English writer of the 19 th century Arthur Conan Doyle. It is a detective story.

I liked this book very much from the very beginning. First of all, Sherlock Holmes is one of my favourite characters. Besides, the plot of the story is extremely interesting and intricate. The action takes place in the Yorkshire moors in England. It starts with a mysterious murder of Sir Charles Baskerville in his old mansion. Although the doctor says that the cause of his death is the heart attack, he doesn’t believe it himself as a lot of traces of a gigantic hound are found on the ground around the body. So, he goes to London and asks Mr. Sherlock Holmes to investigate the case.

The book has a lot of thrilling episodes. I couldn`t help feeling nervous especially when the gigantic hound followed its prey for I was not sure that the story would have the happy end. Fortunately, Sherlock Holmes does his best as usual and the mystery of the strange murder is revealed.

To cut a long story short, the fearful hound is killed and the main character Sir Henry, the heir of the Baskervilles, is saved from the terrible death.

In conclusion, I would like to say that detectives are my favourite genre. When I read them I always try to predict the events, to draw conclusions and it helps me to develop some kind of deductive reasoning. So, if you like detectives, I advise you to read this book. I am sure you’ll get a great pleasure.


Сочинение на тему My favourite book на английском

С помощью книг человек познает окружающий мир, приобретает новые знания, которые он потом использует на практике. Книги расширяют кругозор и развивают человека. В этой статье будут представлены различные варианты сочинений на английском языке с переводом и аудио на тему My favourite book (Моя любимая книга).

Сочинение на тему My favourite book (№1) с аудио и переводом


Harry Potter

I am fond of reading. I try to read at least a few pages every day. My favourite book is Harry Potter. The book was written by the famous English writer Joann Rolling. She became world famous after writing a novel about a wizard boy Harry Potter.

The book tells about a young man called Harry Potter. He is an orphan. He lives in a family of his Aunt. First he did not knew he was a magician. He lived an ordinary life. People who do not practice magic are called Muggles. It is prohibited to use any kind of magic in front of the Muggles. All of a sudden Harry finds out that he is a wizard. He goes to a big school of magic called Hogwarts. Harry Potter meets new friends, studies and faces the most evil magician Lord Voldemort.

The book about Harry Potter teaches how to cope with difficulties. The book explains how important family and friends are. Harry Potter is the book that I want to read over and over again. I have already read this book a few times. I liked the books more than the movies. I will definitely read Harry Potter again.

Полезные фразы


Я очень люблю читать. Я стараюсь читать хотя бы несколько страниц каждый день. Моя любимая книга — Гарри Поттер. Книгу написала известная английская писательница Джоанн Роллинг. Она стала всемирно известной после написания романа о мальчике-волшебнике Гарри Поттере.

В книге рассказывается о молодом человеке по имени Гарри Поттер. Он сирота. Он живет в семье тети. Сначала он не знал, что он волшебник. Он жил обычной жизнью. Людей, не практикующих магию, называют магглами. Запрещено использовать любую магию перед магглами. Внезапно Гарри узнает, что он волшебник. Он ходит в большую школу магии под названием Хогвартс. Гарри Поттер встречает новых друзей, учится и сталкивается с самым злым волшебником лордом Волан-де-Мортом.

Книга о Гарри Поттере учит, как справляться с трудностями. В книгах объясняется, насколько важны семья и друзья. Гарри Поттер — книга, которую я хочу читать снова и снова. Я уже читал эту книгу несколько раз. Книги нравились больше, чем фильмы. Я обязательно прочту Гарри Поттера еще раз.

Сочинение на тему My favourite book (№2) с аудио и переводом


The Hobbit

I am interested in reading. Especially I like phantasy. I have read Tolkien’s fairy tale «The Hobbit». I really like this masterpiece. There are many strange creatures in this story: hobbits, trolls, dwarves and elves.

The main character of the book is the hobbit Bilbo Baggins. He is about fifty years old. This is a short cheerful man with shaggy legs. He does not wear shoes. In Bilbo’s opinion, everything should be predictable. If someone wanted to borrow money he always knew how to disappear quickly and silently.

Bilbo lived an ordinary life until he met the wizard Gandalf. The hobbit had to leave his cozy home and go with the dwarves in search of treasures stolen by the dragon. He is taking risks along his journey. Eventually bilbo becomes a true hero.

The book raises questions of the struggle between good and evil. We need to be courageous to achieve certain goals. The Hobbit is not only a fascinating story but also an instructive book. It teaches us courage, attentiveness and finding ways to overcome difficulties.

Полезные слова и выражения


Я очень люблю читать. Особенно мне нравятся фантазии. Я читал сказку Толкина «Хоббит». Мне очень нравится этот шедевр. В этой истории много странных существ: хоббиты, тролли, гномы и эльфы.

Главный герой книги — хоббит Бильбо Бэггинс. Ему около пятидесяти лет. Это невысокий жизнерадостный мужчина с лохматыми ногами. Он не носит обувь. По мнению Бильбо, все должно быть предсказуемо. Если кто-то хотел занять денег, он всегда знал, как быстро и тихо исчезнуть.

Бильбо жил обычной жизнью, пока не встретил волшебника Гэндальфа. Хоббиту пришлось покинуть свой уютный дом и отправиться с гномами на поиски сокровищ, украденных драконом. Он рискует на своем пути. В конце концов Бильбо становится настоящим героем.

В книге поднимаются вопросы борьбы добра и зла. Чтобы достичь определенных целей, нужно проявить смелость. «Хоббит» — это не только увлекательная история, но и поучительная книга. Он учит нас смелости, внимательности и умению преодолевать трудности.

Сочинение на тему My favourite book (№3) с аудио и переводом

The Little Prince 1

The Little Prince

My favourite book is the Little Prince written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. This is a sad tale about adults and children. This is a wise and humane tale, which is most likely addressed to adults. The writer thinks about good and evil, beauty and indifference, friendship and love, about a person’s loyalty and responsibility for their actions.

Reading a fairy tale, sometimes you smile, sometimes you feel sad, but it definitely gives food for thought. This tale is wise and kind. The little prince leaves his home planet, where his main occupation was to admire the sunset and take care of a capricious rose. There he lived according to the rule: «I got up in the morning, washed, put myself in order and immediately put my planet in order.» Maybe we, the inhabitants of the planet Earth, need to remember this rule? The boy goes on a long journey to other planets to find a friend. This is how he gets to Earth — to our planet, the only one, beloved, sometimes unkind. Here the little prince meets the pilot, who told us this story.

Exupery also reminds us of responsibility for our actions. We cannot put up with evil. The tale convinces us that friendship is a great and strong feeling that each of us needs.

Полезные слова и выражения


Моя любимая книга — Маленький Принц, написанная французским автором Антуан Сент-Экзюпери. В основе сюжета — печальная история о взрослых и детях. Маленький Принц — мудрая сказка, которую должны прочитать, в первую очередь, взрослые люди. Автор размышляет о таких вещах, как добро и зло, любовь и дружба. Писатель касается темы ответственности за свои поступки.

Во время чтения сказки у вас появляются различные эмоции. Смех, радость, печаль. Книга дает богатую пищу для размышлений. Маленький Принц покидает свою родную планету, где главной деятельностью была забота о капризной розе. Распорядок дня у принца был следующим: «встать утром, вымыться, привести себя в порядок и позаботиться о планете». Возможно нам, жителям планеты Земля, следует придерживаться этого правила? Мальчик начинает свое долгое путешествие на другие планеты в поиске друга. Там маленький принц встречает пилота, который рассказывает нам историю.

Писатель размышляет об ответственности за наши действия. Мы не можем примириться со злом. Повесть «Маленький Принц» убеждает нам в том, что дружба является сильным чувством. Каждый из живущих на земле нуждается в этом чувстве.

Сочинение на тему My favourite book (№4) с аудио и переводом


I enjoy reading. Reading is a significant part of our life. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Every day I try to spend some time to read. One of my favourite books is the Twilight. The Twilight was written by the American writer Stephenie Meyer. At the beginning, like many others, I watched the movie Twilight, which was released on TV in 2008. The film made a big impression on me.

Bella Swan moves from Phoenix to the small town Forks that is located in the state of Washington. There she meets Edward Cullen and his family who have the unique abilities. The Cullen’s family looks very attractive. Twilight is a story about the relationship of Bella and Edward filled with unexpectable events. Bella will find out that Edward is not an ordinary person.

After watching the movie I decided to read the book right away. I liked the book much more than the movie. The book reveals the character of the heroes better, and the plot is described more colorfully. The Twilight is a fusion of fantasy and romance. The Twilight is a love story between Bella and Edward, a simple girl and a vampire.

Полезные слова и выражения


Я люблю читать. Чтение — важная часть нашей жизни. Чтение — одно из моих самых любимых хобби. Каждый день я стараюсь выделить немного времени для чтения.Одна из моих любимых книг — «Сумерки». «Сумерки» написала американская писательница Стефани Майер. Вначале, как и многие, я посмотрела фильм Сумерки, вышедший на экраны телевизоров в 2008 году. Фильм произвел на меня большое впечатление. После просмотра фильма я решила сразу же прочитать книгу.

Белла Свон переезжает из Финикса в небольшой городок Форкс в штате Вашингтон. Там она встречает Эдварда Каллена и его семью, которая обладает сверхспособностями. Внешне семья Каллена очень привлекательна. Сумерки – это рассказ об отношениях Беллы и Эдварды, наполненный неожиданными событиями. Бэлле предстоит узнать, что Эдвард – не обычный человек.

Книга мне понравилась намного больше, чем фильм. В книге лучше раскрывается характер персонажей, и более красочно и увлекательно описан сюжет. Книга сумерки — это сочетание фантастики и романтики. Сумерки — это история любви Бэллы и Эдварда, простой девушки и вампира.


Сочинения о Книгах на английском языке с переводом на русский язык

Представлена подборка сочинений о Книгах на английском языке с переводом на русский язык.

My name is Alexander. I’m twelve years old. I’m fond of reading. Most of all I like adventure novels.

My favourite book is “The Mysterious Island” by Jules Verne. You can find much necessary, useful and valuable information in the book. This novel proved us that human can survive in any conditions. Each character is interesting.

Меня зовут Александр. Мне 12 лет. Я очень люблю читать. Больше всего мне нравятся приключенческие романы.

Самая моя любимая книга, это роман Жюль Верна «Таинственный остров». В книге можно найти много нужной, ценной и полезной информации. В романе доказано, что человек может выжить в любых условиях. Каждый герой по- своему интересный персонаж.

When I was in the 5th grade I read an outstanding novel «In Bad Company» by Vladimir Korolenko which impressed me very much and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

A boy was living with his father and sister, his mother passed away very early and everyone suffered because of it, especially their father who locked himself in.

Когда я учился в 5 классе, то прочитал потрясающую повесть Владимира Короленко «В дурном обществе», которая произвела на меня неизгладимое впечатление – несколько дней я не мог думать ни о чём другом, кроме неё.

Мальчик живёт вместе с отцом и сестрой, их мать рано умерла, от этого все страдают, особенно отец, который замкнулся в себе.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Anna. I’m 15 year old and I currently study at a high school. Reading plays a very important part in my life. I have several interests and hobbies and reading is one of them.

In my opinion, people should read books because they educate and enriches the intellect. Books can also shape a person’s character and his moral values.

Позвольте мне представиться. Меня зовут Анна. Мне 15 лет и в настоящее время я учусь в старших классах. Чтение играет очень важную роль в моей жизни. У меня несколько интересов и увлечений и чтения является одним из них.

На мой взгляд, люди должны читать книги, потому что они воспитывают и обогащают интеллект. Книги могут также формировать характер человека и его моральные ценности.

Reading plays a very important role in most people’s lives. It educates them, enriches their intellect.

As for me, I have been always fond of reading. Since the very childhood I asked my parents to buy more books for me. I could read when I turned six or seven, which is rather early compared to other children.

Чтение играет очень важную роль в жизни большинства людей. Оно воспитывает, обогащает интеллект.

Что касается меня, я всегда любила читать. С самого детства я просила своих родителей покупать мне больше книг. Я умела читать, когда мне исполнилось шесть или семь лет, что довольно рано по сравнению с другими детьми.

My name is Efim. I’m 12 years old and I study at a state secondary school. From the early age I’ve been fond of reading. When I was only five, my mum read or told me fairy-tales before going to bed. When I grew older, I started reading books myself.

One of the recent books that I’ve read was «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer» by Mark Twain. Since then, my favourite fictional hero is Tom Sawyer.

Меня зовут Ефим. Мне 12 лет и я учусь в средней общеобразовательной школе. С детства я люблю читать. Когда мне было всего пять, моя мама читала или рассказывала мне сказки перед сном. Когда я стал старше, я начал читать книги сам.

Одна из последних книг, которую я прочитал — это «Приключения Тома Сойера» Марка Твена. С тех пор, мой любимый вымышленный персонаж — Том Сойер.

Books have always interested and attracted me. From the very childhood I like listening to my mum’s stories. She normally told me some popular fairy tales, including Cinderella, Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast.

However, my favourite book was about Alice in Wonderland, which was written by a well-known English author Lewis Carroll.

Меня всегда интересовали и завораживали книги. С самого детства я любила слушать рассказы моей мамы. Она обычно рассказывала мне популярные сказки, такие как Золушка, Буратино, Красавица и Чудовище.

Но все же моей любимой книгой была «Алиса в стране чудес», написанная известным английским писателем Льюисом Кэрроллом.



Books Книги
Books play a very important role in my life. I think that modern life is impossible without reading. The more I read, the more knowledge and experience I get. I can’t say that all books are useful. Some are boring and pointless. Книги играют очень важную роль в моей жизни. Я думаю, что современная жизнь невозможна без чтения. Чем больше я читаю, тем больше знаний и опыта я получаю. Я не могу сказать, что все книги полезны. Некоторые из них скучны и бессмысленны.
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Books in Our Life Книги в нашей жизни
My name is Anastasia. I’m fourteen years old. I’m fond of reading. Books take an important place in my life. I was taught to like and take care of books from the childhood. I find out much new, useful and interesting information from books. Меня зовут Анастасия. Мне 14 лет. Я очень люблю читать. Книги в моей жизни имеют большое значение. Любить и беречь книги родители научили меня с детства. Из книг я узнаю много нового, полезного и интересного.
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Books In My Life Книги в моей жизни
I love reading that’s why books play a very important role in my life. Everywhere I go I bring my book with me. It can be normal printed book or e-book and audit book too. Of course, I like paper book more than other kinds. Я очень люблю читать, и потому книги занимают совершенно особенное место в моей жизни. Везде, куда бы я ни отправилась, я всегда ношу с собой книгу. Это может быть как привычное печатное издание, лежащее в моем рюкзаке, так и электронная или аудиокнига. Конечно же, я больше всего люблю именно бумажные книги.
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The Book I’ve Read Книга, которую я прочитал
Recently I have read a book that impressed me very much. The book is called «The Dawns Here Are Quiet» by Boris Vasilev. Everything takes place during the Great Patriotic War near one of the important roads. Недавно я прочитал книгу, которая произвела на меня сильное впечатление. Это книга Бориса Васильева «А зори здесь тихие». Действие происходит в годы Великой Отечественной войны, на одном из разъездов довольно спокойно.
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The Book I Have Read Книга, которую я прочитала
My name is Regina and I’m fourteen years old. I study at the local secondary school at the eighth grade. One of my favourite subjects is Literature, as I like reading very much. I’m a frequent visitor of the library. I’ve already read more than thirty books there. There were a few in English by the way. The book that I have recently read was rather interesting and exciting. Меня зовут Регина и мне четырнадцать лет. Я учусь в средней общеобразовательной школе в восьмом классе. Одним из моих любимых предметов является литература, потому что я очень люблю читать. Я часто посещаю библиотеку. Я уже прочитала там более тридцати книг. Некоторые из них, кстати, были на английском языке. Книга, которую я прочла недавно, была довольно интересной и захватывающей.
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My Favourite Book Моя любимая книга
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Do not Judge A Book By Its Cover Не судите о книге по ее обложке
I have never had a proper hobby, except reading. Reading is my favourite pastime, as it helps me to relax and forget about worries of the day. At the same time while reading I transfer to the world of the author and live through the events that main characters experience. У меня никогда не было надлежащего хобби, кроме чтения. Чтение это мой любимый способ времяпрепровождения, так как оно помогает мне расслабиться и забыть о заботах дня. В то же время во время чтения я переношусь в мир автора и переживаю события, через которые проходят главные герои.
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Books VS Computer Книги против компьютера
Books or computers? I think the generation of our grandparents would make a clear choice — books. But it’s much more difficult for us. I think the technology development slowly removes the difference between books and computers. Книги или компьютер? Думаю, для поколения наших родителей, бабушек и дедушек выбор был бы вполне очевиден — книги. Но для нас сегодня все намного сложнее. Мне кажется, с развитием техники постепенно стирается граница между тем, что такое книги, и что такое компьютер.
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Library Библиотека
Library is one of my favourite places. It’s a place where you can find lots of books on various subjects, magazines and sometimes old newspapers. If a library is well-stocked, it’s an asset to every school, college or university. Our school also has a library, but it’s not large. Библиотека — это одно из моих любимых мест. Это место, где вы можете найти множество книг по различным предметам, журналов и иногда старых газет. Хорошо-оснащенная библиотека — это ценный актив для каждой школы, колледжа или университета. В нашей школе также есть библиотека, но она не большая.
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Our School Library Наша школьная библиотека
Reading is one of my favourite pastimes. I like reading fairy-tales, romantic novels, fiction, school literature, science fiction, short stories, best-sellers, adventure books and other genres. At home my parents have a large collection of books, of both native and foreign writers. Чтение – одно из моих излюбленных способов времяпровождения. Мне нравится читать сказки, романы, художественную литературу, научную фантастику, короткие рассказы, бестселлеры, приключенческие книжки и другие жанры. Дома у моих родителей есть большая коллекция книг отечественных и зарубежных авторов.
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Reading Чтение
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The Role Of Reading In My Life Роль чтения в моей жизни
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My Favourite Writer (Mikhail Lermontov) Мой любимый писатель (Михаил Лермонтов)
Reading is the pleasant and useful part of our life. People like reading. I think so because a lot of books are bought and sold every day in different bookshops and in streets (or: outside) too. Of course, radio and television are more popular among people but books still play an important role for us. Reading enriches our mind. It can satisfy many different demands and literary tastes. Чтение – приятная и полезная часть нашей жизни. Люди любят читать. Я так думаю, потому что много книг покупается и продается ежедневно в разных книжных магазинах и также на улицах. Конечно, радио и телевидение более популярны среди людей, но книги все еще играют важную роль для нас. Чтение обогащает наш ум. Оно может удовлетворить множество разных потребностей и литературных вкусов.
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My Favorite Writer Is Chekhov Мой любимый писатель — Чехов
In my opinion, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov is one of the most outstanding and most unusual Russian writers and his works are very close to me. I enjoy reading both his early humorous stories from the times when he worked in «Strekoza» and «Budilnik» as well as his later serious works. Антон Павлович Чехов — один из выдающихся и самых необычных, на мой взгляд, русских писателей, чье творчество очень близко мне. Я с удовольствием читаю как его ранние юмористические рассказы времен работы в «Стрекозе» и «Будильнике», так и более поздние серьезные произведения.
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My Favorite Writer Is Tolstoy Мой любимый писатель — Толстой
Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy is a great Russian writer and an expert on the human soul without a doubt. His works are fulfilled with deep psychologism and that I like most in the work of this prose writer. Лев Николаевич Толстой — это, без сомнения, великий русский писатель и знаток человеческой души. Его произведения проникнуты глубоким психологизмом, что больше всего нравится мне в творчестве прозаика.
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My Favorite Writer Is Pushkin Мой любимый писатель — Пушкин
Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin is a great Russian poet and every person in our country knows his works very well from an early age. Just like many other children, I grew up listening to his wonderful fairy tales and started to love them with all my heart since I was little. Александр Сергеевич Пушкин — это великий русский поэт, творчество которого с ранних лет хорошо знакомо каждому человеку в нашей стране. Я, как и многие дети, вырос на его замечательных сказках и еще будучи ребенком всей душой полюбил их.
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My Favorite Writer Is Gogol Мой любимый писатель — Гоголь
Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol is one of the most mysterious figures in Russian literature. His work is filled with mysticism and original grotesque humor. And the writer’s realistic works shock you with their sharpness and merciless courage with which the author makes fun of the sins of his modern society. Николай Васильевич Гоголь — это одна из наиболее загадочных фигур русской литературы. Его творчество проникнуто мистицизмом и оригинальным гротескным юмором. Реалистичные же произведения писателя поражают своей остротой и беспощадной смелостью, с которой автор высмеивает пороки современного ему общества.
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Literature Литература
The dependence of life on different forms of art is obvious. People can’t live without expressing themselves. Some are good at drawing, some at dancing, others at singing or writing. Literature is one of those forms of expression of human experience through language. Literally the word “literature” means “letters”. Жизнь зависит от всевозможных видов искусств и это очевидно. Люди не могут прожить без самовыражения. Одни хорошо рисуют, другие танцуют, третьи поют или пишут. Литература является одной из форм выражения человеческого опыта посредством языка. Дословно, слово «литература» означает «письмена». Вот почему в древние времена образованных людей называли «писцами».
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My Favorite Literary Character Is Vasyutka Мой любимый литературный герой — Васютка
It happens that some of the books we read go unnoticed while others remain forever in our memory. I was especially impressed by Viktor Astafiev’s story “Vasyutka’s Lake» and its main character Vasyutka who was a thirteen-year-old boy. Так бывает, что одни из прочитанных нами литературных произведений проходят незамеченными, другие же навсегда остаются в памяти. Особое впечатление на меня произвел рассказ Виктора Астафьева «Васюткино озеро» и его главный герой — тринадцатилетний мальчик Васютка.
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My Favorite Literary Character Is Assol Мой любимый литературный герой — Ассоль
A whole gallery of vivid female personalities can be found in the works of Russian fiction. But in my opinion, a fisherman’s daughter Assol, the main character of Alexander Green’s story «Scarlet Sails”, has a very special place among all of them. В произведениях русской художественной литературы представлена целая галерея ярких женских образов. Но на мой взгляд, совершенно особое место среди них занимает образ главной героини повести Александра Грина «Алые паруса» — дочери рыбака Ассоль.
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My Favorite Literary Character Is Dubrovsky Мой любимый литературный герой — Дубровский
Vladimir Dubrovsky from the novel of the same name by Alexander Pushkin became my favorite literary character right after reading this book. First of all, I really liked this person’s complex and contradictory personality. Владимир Дубровский из одноименного романа Александра Пушкина стал моим любимым литературным героем сразу же после прочтения данного произведения. Прежде всего, мне очень понравился сложный и противоречивый образ этого человека.
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My Favorite Literary Character Is Gerda Мой любимый литературный герой — Герда
The Snow Queen by H. K. Andersen is a fairy tale loved by many kids since childhood. Her main character the girl named Gerda who bravely went to search for her friend Kai, has become a kind of a symbol of courage and selfless love. That is why I sincerely admire her. «Снежная королева» Х. К. Андерсена — это любимая многими с детства сказка. Ее главная героиня — девочка Герда, отважно отправившаяся на поиски своего друга Кая, стала своеобразным символом смелости и бескорыстной любви. Потому я искренне восхищаюсь ей.
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My Favourite Literary Hero Мой любимый литературный герой
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My Favourite Fairy Tale Моя любимая сказка


Помогите пожалуйста! Буквально десять предложений с этими вопросами.
Speak about a book you have read. Follow the outline.
1)What is it (a novel, a play etc)?
2)When was it written?
3)Who wrote it?
4)What is it about?
5)Who are the main characters and what are they like?

1 ответ:



Если тебе надо написать,то вот:

1) fiction

2) 2005

3) Sergey Lukyanenko

4) This is about a man named Cyril, who has the ability to move in different worlds

5) Cyril

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Camels live in Sahara desert.

3)recycling center
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1) chess
2) stylus
3) pack of cards
4) software
5) memory card

1 my friend asked me if i could help him/her.
2 our teacher told not to make noise
3 the boy said that he was waiting for his parents
4 the worker promised my grandma to come the next day and finish the work
5 the teacher explained that The sun wasn’t a planet, it was a big star
6 Ann asked me if i knew where Kate lived”
7. He asked me if i had ever been to The USA
8. she asked her boy-friend Why he hadn’t said that to her
9. the student asked when he would know the result of his test
10. My friend told me that he had already bought that disc”
11 the clerk asked the manager if he had signed the papers
12. The police officer told to Put my hands on top of my head

Что такое “американская еда”? Ответ заключается в том, что она состоит  частично из итальянской, английской, немецкой, мексиканской и китайской кухни.  Когда люди из других стран приехали жить в США, они привесли с собой разные кулинарные традиции. Некоторые из них открыли рестораны. Сегодня американцы заказывают блюда со всего мира. В течение многих лет некоторые иностранные блюда немного изменились. Пончики родом из Голландии. В 1847 году молодой американский мальчик сказал своей матери, что ее пончики никогда не пропекаются в середине. Он вырезал центр и его мать приготовила их, – и они были очень вкусные! Может быть, Америка наиболее знаменита своими  “фаст-фудами”. На первое в ресторанах фаст-фуда подавали гамбургеры, но теперь слишком много разновидностей этого блюда. Там, в ресторанах часто есть “салат-бар”, где вы можете положить себе сами столько салата, сколько вы хотите. Американцы едят много, и когда они идут в ресторан, они надеятся, что они не останутся голодные. Большинство ресторанов кладут много пищи на вашу тарелку – иногда это может быть слишком много. Но если вы не сможете съесть все это, не беспокойтесь: они дадут вам “doggy bag”, (не переводится, это специальная упаковка в специальной бумаге) и вы можете взять домой то, что осталось (что не смогли съесть). Большинство американцев сейчас имеют легкий завтрак вместо традиционного яйца, бекона, тостов, апельсинового сока и кофе. Но по выходным, когда  есть достаточно времени, во время так называемого “большого позднего завтрака” или “раннего обеда” они часто едят с семьей или друзьями.