What makes the world go round сочинение

One of the popular sayings you hear today is that money rules the world, in today’s society if you have money it is true that you can get anything you have ever imagined of having.  Have you ever imagined living without money? It is not possible for people to survive without money. Money makes life easier there is no doubt that with money you can do miracles. Money not only makes life easier, but also makes life meaningful. Money gives us joy and it helps us turns our dreams into reality. Even though money cannot solve all our problems, it is a panacea for most of our problems.

It is well known that a wealthy person is respected and have many friends. Even though some people downplay the importance of money, they all agree that without money, the world can come to a standstill. To understand the importance of money, picture a situation where you do not have money, but you need to buy something important. You will feel frustrated because you cannot afford it.  I do believe that money makes the world go round because it acts as a motivator. Humans naturally want to be recognized and feel important. People who have money are considered as successful and highly respected. The desire for respect and success makes money an important element in our lives.

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With money,   anyone can afford a good life this means you can buy a good house get a better education and have higher chances of succeeding in life.  If you do not have money, you will not access the best services you want. With the increased cost of living, everything is costly. If you do not have enough money, you cannot afford the basic services like health care.

Even though other people view money as the sources of all conflicts in the world like wars, the need for money has facilitated newer inventions and a better world.  Money is an indispensable force for humans, it facilitates intellectual evolution, which pushes people to want to have money and excel in life. Inventing something new and unique means having more money, hence being recognized.  Such invention gives an individual access to more money and fame that comes along with having money.

One cannot doubt the role money plays in our society today; money drives almost everything. People work hard to get money, and others kill for it. Most people work to accumulate wealth, but out of obsession, some people risk their lives and dignity, getting into crime to obtain money. That is why people view money as the cause of all evil in the society. In reality, money is the root source of all the functionality in the world. If you do not have money, you cannot properly move around or be comfortable.

It is true that money makes the world go round because it facilitates invention and progress in various fields.  People felt comfortable and contented with life by having money. Therefore, money is one of the crucial elements in human life. Most people argue that money makes the world go round while another look at money as the root of all evil; money is still a necessary because it rules the world and makes life easier. Money presents many benefits to humans than we can imagine.

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Money makes the world go round, they say. Perhaps it is even truer that the world makes money go round, especially in an era of globalisation when capital can flow freely to and from almost everywhere

Money makes the world go round, they say. Perhaps it is even truer that the world makes money go round, especially in an era of globalisation when capital can flow freely to and from almost everywhere. Money is always looking for places where it will be most profitable and earn the greatest return on investment.

As an individual, you can put your money on deposit in a bank, and as long as the bank doesn’t fail and the economy keeps functioning, you will get interest. Your money is lent out to people, businesses and governments who need it to finance their own projects, perhaps like the ones in the unit case study, and the bank will make its money on the difference between what it pays out in interest on deposits and what it gets in interest from its loans.

If you want to live more dangerously you could buy some bonds, and as long as the organisation or country you’ve invested in by lending it money doesn’t default, you will get your interest payments, and later your bonds will eventually be repaid. To live even more dangerously, buy some shares and share in the profitability of your chosen company. In good times, the dividends will be more than what you would get from bonds, and the shares themselves will increase in value, giving you a capitaL gain if you sell them. But if the company runs into trouble and goes bankrupt, you will be among the last to be paid back, and you may get only part of what you put in, or you may lose all your money.

This illustrates the trade-off between risk and return. The higher the risk of your investment not being repaid, the more you will want it to pay back in return on investment. Venture capitalists like the ones in the unit case study will invest in many different start-ups, knowing that most will fail, but that a few will do reasonably well and one or two will, with luck, hit the jackpot, paying back all the money they lost on unprofitable projects and much more.

From the point of view of investors, the world’s financial markets exist in order to channel money to

profitable investment activities and projects. From the point of view of borrowers such as companies and governments, financial centres exist so that they can find capital on the best terms.

Most investors are not private individuals but institutions like banks, insurance companies, mutuaL

funds (unit trusts in the UK) and pension funds who may, of course, be investing the money of private

individuals indirectly. The markets they invest in include the money and currency markets, stock markets for shares (also known as equities), commodities markets for anything from gold to pork bellies (used for making bacon), and property (buildings and land).

There are also markets for futures in currencies, equities, bonds and commodities: a future is a fixed- price contract to buy a certain amount of something for delivery at a fixed future date.

There are markets for options in currencies, equities, and bonds. Here, an investor buys the right to

buy or sell a certain amount of these things at a certain price and particular date in the future. This is a form of betting on how prices will move.

Some of these markets, like stock markets, are based in particular buildings, some with trading

floors, but most trading is now screen and telephone based. Others, like bond and currency markets, are ‘virtual’, in the sense that selling and trading takes place by phone and computer between the premises of issuers, brokers and traders. (A broker is an intermediary between an issuer of securities such as

bonds, a seller of a property, etc., and potential investors who buy the securities. But with Big Bang deregulation, many brokers of securities are also traders, having their own supplies of securities to sell, and make money on trading or dealing, hence the term securities house.)

CentraL banks like the Bank of England and the European Central Bank are crucial for financial centres because they set basic interest rates (the ‘price of money’), and control money supply (the amount of

money circulating in an economy). Both of these controls have an enormous effect on the economy as a

whole, and on the financial markets, even if the (ink of cause-and-effect between the fundamentats of the real economy and the financial markets is not always clear.

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Money makes the world go round

Money is a universal means of payment and a means of exchange. It appeared thousands of years ago. First people used things like animal skin, shells and whale’s teeth, knives, rice and tobacco, precious metals as money. But it wasn’t easy to carry and store them. The money we use nowadays is made of paper and cheap metals. They are banknotes and coins of different value. Countries have their coins and banknotes. They are called national currencies.

Everybody uses money in our modern world. We all need money, we think about it and work for it. It is difficult to imagine today’s life without banknotes and coins, credit cards. Modern technologies have influenced the way of payment: and plastic cards are becoming more and more popular today and they can be accepted even abroad. It’s really convenient and safe for travelers because you don’t have to carry the money in your wallet or exchange the currency in order to make purchases in foreign countries.

I’ve read in the internet that the quotation « money makes the world go round’ was first used in a musical play ‘ Cabaret’.. The phrase basically means that everything in this world would stop without money. To some extent this statement is true because without money you cannot afford a shelter on your head, have food, go from point A to point B, etc.

Money enables us to afford a better quality of life; more money means bigger and better houses and cars, better quality of products, better entertainment. Another advantage is less stress in paying bills and other household expenses. Money may also allow a person to pursue his dreams, for example travelling.

However, we have made money so central to our lives that we place it above life and even happiness. People begin to forget that there are many things that money can’t buy. It cannot buy good health, respect, love, inner peace. A person can have million in his bank account but still feel poor because he is not content with his life . So to my mind, money and happiness are not synonyms.

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Цели: совершенствование коммуникативных умений, речевая практика рецептивного (чтение , аудирование) и продуктивного (говорение) плана, формирование лингво-культурной компетенции учащихся.

Познавательные: активизировать речевые навыки, развивать умения диалогической, монологической речи и аудирования.

Образовательные: расширить кругозор по теме, познакомить с реалиями языка на примере английских пословиц.

Воспитательные: воспитывать умение внимательно слушать и слышать, уважать другое мнение, пробудить любознательность, творческую активность.

Развивающие: развивать речь и мышление, развивать способность эффективного сотрудничества учащихся.

План с указанием тематических блоков и частей урока:

  1. The beginning of the lesson (3 мин)
  2. Warming-Up (3 мин)
  3. Vocabulary Practice (3 мин)
  4. Speaking Task (4 мин)
  5. Vocabulary Practice (3 мин)
  6. Speaking Task (5 мин)
  7. Grammar/ Use of English (5 мин)
  8. Game “Chain of events” (5 мин)
  9. Speaking Task/ Discussion (8 мин)
  10. The end of the Lesson/ Conclusion (6 мин)

Оборудование урока: аудиозапись песни “The Greatest Things in Life are Free”; дерево (комнатное растение) с листами-символами доллара, фунта стерлингов и рубля; раздаточный материал (карточки для учащихся).

Литература: Афанасьева О.В., Дули Дж., Михеева И.В., Оби Б., Эванс В., Учебник «Spotlight 10”, М: Просвещение; English, Учебно-методический журнал, М: Первое сентября, 2008, №15.

“Money makes the world go round.”

(Epigraph on the blackboard)

1. The beginning of the lesson

Teacher: Good morning, students. I am glad to see you! Let’s listen to the song. ( Звучит запись песни “The Greatest Things in Life are Free”, Song Sheets, Module 2, Student’s Book “Spotlight 10”V.Evans, J.Dooley )

Teacher: Do you like the song? According to the singer, what can’t we do with money? Do you think you would be happier if you suddenly become rich? How do you think your life would change? ( Students’ answers )

Teacher: OK, can you guess what we are going to talk about today? ( Students’ answers – In my opinion, we are going to talk about money)

Teacher: You are right. The topic of our lesson is “Money makes the world go round, doesn’t it?” People work for money and they sometimes make friends for money; they love, live and die for money. Today we’ll learn some new facts from the history of money and we’ll discuss and try to answer some very important questions:

– Does money really make the world go round?

– Can money make us happier?

– Why do people need money? ( Students’ answers )

3. Vocabulary Practice

Teacher: What is money? ( Students – Money is anything that is generally accepted by people in exchange for the things they sell or the work they do.)

You can see a magic map. Try to find as many words as possible on the topic “money”. Let’s put them down on the blackboard.

  • cash, cheque, credit card, salary, coin, tax, wage, note …..

4. Speaking Task

Teacher : What can people do with money? ( Students’ answers )

lend splash out

Teacher : You can see some expressions and word-combinations connected with money. Try to find out what they mean. Make your own sentences.

1. to put money into

a) money that has been printed illegally, counterfeit

b) a small amount of money you can use to buy small things

c) to marry someone whose family is rich

4. to roll in money

d) to use your money in order to make a profit

5. money for jam

e) to be very rich

6. to marry into money

f) money that you earn very easily

5. Vocabulary Practice

Teacher : Test your money expressions! Choose the correct option in the sentences below and say what each underlined money expression means.

1) They’re quite an unusual couple. She earns a fortune as a lawyer. So when they had a baby, he gave up his job. Now she’s the main breadwinner /breadmaker , while he stays at home to look after the children.
2) Last year I inherited some money from my grandmother, but I haven’t spent it yet. I’m saving it; for a wet day/ a rainy day .
3) “Have you got any wealthy friends?” “No, all my friends are broken /broke like me .”
4) You’ve been wearing the same suit for years. Don’t you think it’s time you s plashed out /rushed out on some new clothes?
5) I haven’t got enough money, I’m afraid. Could you borrow/ lend me some?

6) This car is too expensive. We can’t afford /pay it.

7) How much do you earn/ gain in your new job?

6. Speaking Task

Teacher : Let’s return to our magic map. What can people do with money? (Добавляем полученную из упражнений информацию)

Teacher: Money is a very important thing for people, that is why there are a lot of proverbs and sayings about money. We have already learnt some of them. On your desks you can see some proverbs written on different halves. Try to match them. Make the right choice. Find Russian equivalents. Choose and explain the meaning of the proverb you like most of all.

1. Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves. Денежка к денежке – оно и капитал.

2. Money has no smell. Деньги не пахнут.

3. A great fortune is a great slavery. Больше денег – больше хлопот. Богатому не спится, он вора боится.

4. Lend your money and lose your friend. Хочешь потерять друга, одолжи ему денег. Друга не теряй – денег не давай.

5. A friend in court is better than a penny in purse. Дружба дороже денег. Был бы друг, а деньги будут. Доброе братство милее богатства.

6. A penny saved is a penny gained. Не истратил – все равно, что заработал. Неистраченные деньги – приобретение.

7. Time is money. Время – деньги.

8. Money makes the world go round. Деньги правят миром.

9. A good name is better than riches. Лучше быть бедняком, чем разбогатеть с грехом.

10. Money spent on the brain is never spent in vain. Расходы на обучение всегда окупаются.

11.A fool and his money are easily parted. У дурака в кармане дыра.

7. Grammar/ Use of English

Teacher: It is time to check up your grammar and of course add some new facts about money. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form the word that fits in the space in the same line. Money, money, money.

Helen has always dreamed of becoming a (1)____________woman,

and imagined living in a (2)_________mansion and how her

friends would praise her (3)__________when she gave them

expensive presents. In reality, she was usually hard up.

She had some (4)_________________ and a small life

(5)____________ policy, but her antique shop was not really very

(6)_______________. Every time she took money out of the bank,

the (7)___________checked her account and told her how little

there was in it. Helen had taken out a (8)_______ a month before.

How could she repay it? Then one day she noticed an old painting

in her shop. She had thought it was (9)__________, but as she brushed

away the dust, she saw the (10)_______ at the bottom.

It said “Renoir”! She was rich at last.

8. Game “Chain of events”

Teacher: Imagine the situation described in the text. What would you do?

It is time to play the game called “Chain of events”. Use the second conditional and don’t forget that you should start your own sentence from the previous one.

( Students’ answers ) If I won $1 million in a lottery, I would buy an island.
If I bought an island, I would build a big house there.
If I built a big house, I would invite all my friends.
If I invited all my friends, I would have parties every day.
If I had parties every day, I would spend all my money…..

9. Speaking Task/ Discussion

Teacher: There is a money tree on my table . As you can see it has dollar, pound and rouble bills instead of leaves. Choose the bill, discuss the question written on the back of it and give your answer.

  • Is it possible to have too much money?
  • Do you agree that having a lot of money makes you free?
  • What can’t money buy?
  • Do you get enough money?
  • Is there something you own that’s worth a fortune?
  • Can money make us happier?
  • What do you spend your money on?
  • Is it difficult to be a saver?
  • Do you ever lend money to your friends?
  • How do you pay for things you buy?
  • Do you save up to buy something?

10. The end of the Lesson/ Conclusion

Teacher: It is time to come to a conclusion. Let’s make a list of advantages and disadvantages of money. (Students’ answers )

You can buy whatever you want.

People are jealous of your wealth.

You can travel all over the world.

You are afraid of losing your money.

You have a lot of free time.

Everybody asks you to lend them some money.

You needn’t go to work.

You can never be sure if people like you or your money.

People are interested in your opinion.

It is difficult to find real friends.

So we can conclude that money does not make/ makes the world go round. And The Greatest Things in Life are Free.

Teacher: The topic of our conversation today was very serious. We have spoken much about money and we have discussed the problem of having or not having it using different points of view. I’d like to thank you for your good work at the lesson. I give … marks to…. The lesson is over. Good-bye!

По теме: методические разработки, презентации и конспекты

Савинова Л.М. Конспект урока английского языка “Правила дорожного движения в России” в 6 классе по УМК Spotlight

Урок из модуля 3 УМК Spotlight 6 имеет цель научить учащихся формулировать правила дорожного движения в родной стране и иллюстрировать их, используя ИКТ – создание проекта в программе Power Point.

Самостоятельное формулирование правил учащимися на уроке английского языка

Предлагается сформулировать свойства модальных глаголов учащимся 5 класса на основе сравнения предложений с модальными и обычными глаголами.

Разработка к уроку по английскому языку “Правила дорожного движения”

Тип урока: Комбинированный урок Цель урока: формирование коммуникативной компетенции, которая включает в себя речевую, языковую, социокультурную, компенсаторную, учебно-познавательную компетенции З.

Интегрированный урок (английский язык, право, обществознание)

Интегрированный урок, показвающий особенности англосаксонской системы права.

Презентация к уроку английского языка “Правила оформления письма личного характера”

Данная презентация может быть использована при подготовке учащихся к выполнению задания C1 ЕГЭ. Письмо-задание может быть подобрано к теме урока, структура же выполнения задания остается прежней.

Интегрированный урок (английский язык – право) в 10 классе по теме “Политическая система российского общества”

В школе мы всегда уделяем большое внимание воспитанию у ребят активной гражданской позиции. И радует, что не только на воспитательных мероприятиях можно обратить на этот вопрос внимани.

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Money makes the world go round, a famous phrase, but is it true? A person can be happy even if they are poor. In stories such as A Christmas Memory,
A Christmas Carol, The Pearl or The Grinch Who Stole Christmas this is very evident. The above examples will be explored in the following statements to explain this thesis.

The first notion that comes to mind is the short story A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote the reality of the story is that Buddy (a child) gets nothing for Christmas but hand me downs from unimportant relatives and a subscription to a religious magazine. He does however receive a prized kite from his special friend. In spite of this he is still satisfied to go out on that warm windy Alabama morning and fly their kites. (Last year they exchanged homemade slingshots) Another time in this story that money proved to be worthless compared to contentment, was when they where offered money for their Christmas tree but they declined because they believed that theirs was the best and nothing could replace it. These are two wonderful examples that Creativity, Friendship, and Happiness prevail over poverty.

Money Makes the World Go Round – [ Перевести эту страницу ]28 Nov 2010 …Money Makes the World Go Round. Select a link, An Introduction to Buddhism, An Introduction to Meditation, An Introduction to Kamma …
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Lyrics, Money Lyrics >> – [ Перевести эту страницу ]Money Lyrics [EMCEE] Money makes the world go around. The world go around. The world go around. Money makes the world go around. It makes the world go …
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Money Makes The World go Round – R. Kelly – Текст песни на …Money makes the world go round, TM Nas Yo, for those who live the way that I live we came a long way >From wiping coal outta eyelids, to rap’s hottest …
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Does money make the world go round? – Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers – [ Перевести эту страницу ]To be honest, i do think that money makes the world go round. Its true because with out money what would you do? If there was no money we wouldnt even be …
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18000787 The Economic Cycle Flow 06/03/18

Tesca Becker


The Economic Cycle Flow


The Economy is what makes the world, as we know it, ‘go round’. “Economics is the study of people and the choices they make.” Economic problems and affairs get a lot of back-lash and coverage in newspapers, magazines even on television channels that deal exclusively with economics and the problems the economy faces. Economics is a broad subject that deals and looks at the world’s point of view that focuses on scarcity. It can be in Products, services, manufacturers, labourers etc.. It is study of how people, companies, government and other organisations (profit and non-profit) within our society choose to use scarce resources to get different needs and wants efficiently, quickly and fairly satisfied.

There are two types of economy’s- open-economy and closed-economy. An open-economy circular flow is an economy that is taking part in foreign trade (imports and exports) of goods and services. Closed-economy circular flow does not allow foreign trading; they use their national resources to satisfy their needs and wants. The open economy circular flow is also called the “four-sector model”, because it consists of four main topics known as : “households, businesses, government and the foreign sector”, they are what forms the economy. All of the above mentioned topics go hand in hand with each other. The ones action influences the other thus they need to work together to be successful.

Foreign sector (import and export) ->

Businesses/producer/- Households/consumer



Households are also known as “Consumers”. Households are a group of people or an individual who has a joint income that makes buying goods and services decisions together. Households make up the factors of producti…

The Debate Whether Or Not Globalization Is Good For Our Economy – Economics – Essay

927 words – 4 pages

… bad characteristics, making it impossible to pick one side. The many affected areas
of economics that are associated with the positive or negative actions of globalization
include the toll on developing nations, international organizations and the world
economy, impact of transitional economies, domestic activity and world trade.
The first component to consider would be whether or not developing nations see
positive reinforcements or negative …


1326 words – 6 pages

… development and perhaps
with the power of global politics.
What happened in the course that environmental economics is being largely ignored by the modern economics? There
are two sets of visible reasons (DODO, 2018). The first one is, formalisation of the theory of economic growth; that is,
the omission of KN (Environmental Capital) in explaining growth was perhaps premised on the assumption that KN was
infinite. The second set of reasons stem …

This Is An Assignment About The Vocabulary Terms In Economics Chapter 11 – Economy 101 – Assignment

1147 words – 5 pages

… construction companies that build homes.
Risk: A situation in which the outcome is uncertain
401K plan: A tax deferred investment and savings plan that acts as a personal pension fund for employees. Money withheld from one’s paycheck reduces the taxable income and is invested in mutual funds. Income taxes are paid on the money as it is withdrawn. Employers will often time match a percentage of what the employee pays to the fund.
Coupon: The stated …

Economics Of Sweden : The History Of How Sweden Became What It Is Today. – Econ – Essay

1850 words – 8 pages

… great the barter system was also widely used among the people. The implications of the coinage systems allowed for economics transactions to happen more often and easier between the people than ever before.
Roman is a widely known empire and rightfully so. There’s a reason why Rome’s economy is taught in college courses all over the world. It’s trade, infrastructure, decisive conquests, and trade routes allowed for its economy to be as powerful as …

The World Economy(tariffs, Quotas And Imports) – Durham University/ First Year – Essay

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… steps to reduce the foreign price of the manufactured goods, if the country has monopsony power.
World Supply Curve
Country A demand curve
Q1 Q2 Quantity
If Country A is a small importer of these goods then the supply curve would be perfectly elastic i.e. parallel to the x-axis. When tariff is levied the price will go up from P1 to P2 but since the supply is perfectly elastic this rise in price will not …

What Makes “one Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” Art?

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… multiple times viewing it to grasp what the director is trying to convey. In this film the director has a lot of scenes in the film where the reader is constantly questioning the movie and what could the scene possibly mean. For instance, one scene in the movie shows Jack Nicholson’s character just thinking in silence for at least a minute of the film. This is a major part in the movie because you as the viewer for the first time is unsure of what he …

Describing The Elements Of What Makes “the Bridge On The Drina” A Novel – Eastern European Literature – Essay

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… wrong.” (“What Makes a Good Novel?” 598) This leads to the philosophy, the third factor. Philosophy is a complex concept, but essentially the easiest way to look at this concept is the fact that it is a way of thinking about the world, universe, and society. It works by asking very basic questions about the nature of human thought, the nature of the universe, and the connections between them. The very nature of human thought stems from God. He …

Explain The Types Of Economic Systems And What They Do – Economics – Essay

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… Economic systems
Everyday of the year, people across our country and every other country around the
world make decisions as buyers and seekers, workers and business owners. All of their collective
decisions makeup a nation’s economic system. Around the world, there are a variety of economic
systems some of which are Command Systems, Market Systems , and Traditional System.
A traditional economy is a system that replies on customs, time honored …

How Big Is Alcohol Abuse In The College World And What Can We Do To Change That – Composition – Essay

929 words – 4 pages

… students the dangers of alcohol. We
need to prepare them for what is coming up next. We need to keep them inform of the situation
that are happening around the world not just locally or in the country. We can reduce the
numbers for alcohol abuse and let our students have a better life span. If other students could
help us out and spread the word.
Galbicsek, C. (n.d.). College Alcoholism – Alcohol Abuse in College. Retrieved December 10,
2017, from …

Economics Essay On The Commonwealth Games 2018 Viability – Economics – Essay

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… Year 11 Economics Term 3
Analysis by Larissa Perrin from the perspective of the local council
The Commonwealth Games is an international multi-sport event where over 70 countries and territories compete to prevail in the tally of medals. In 2018, the Gold Coast will host the games, which span over an 11-day period, marking the 5th games Australia has hosted. The preparations for the games began as early as 2012, when the Gold Coast 2018 …

Macro Economics Italian Debt Crisis – Bellarmine Global Economy – Essay

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… Kelli Bauman
MBA 604: Global Economy
March 12th, 2019
Italy’s low productivity growth, weak banks, and high yield rates of Italian bonds have all
contributed to the budget crisis. Low productivity growth is a by-product of Italy’s risk averse
government, cumbersome rules, and long court cases, which cause public investment to remain unspent.
The biggest obstacle to economic growth in Italy is low labor participation, specifically among the …

The Illegal Economy

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… The United States is known for being one of the greatest countries in the world, and is idolized by a plethora of people; many want to move here to improve their lives for themselves and their families. If these people come by breaking the lawn, is that affecting us who are citizens? Is the American economy going down because illegal immigrants are coming to the United States? Yes, so how is the American economy going to bounce back to what it …

What Is The Greatest Security Concern In The World Today – School – Assignment

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… What is the biggest threat facing the world today?
This essay will focus on human security, particularly environmental security as the biggest threat facing the world today. This essay will emphasise on the link between environmental changes with survival and conflict. it begins by defining environmental security and in which branch of security environmental security belongs to, the essay further explains the global causes of climate change and …


1483 words – 6 pages

… Referring to the prologue characterize Leo old and young The prologue to ‘The Go-between’ tells us a lot about the protagonist Leo’s character both in his younger days at school when he was around 13 years old and how he is at present when reminiscing at around 64 years of age.Leo is looking in a box that contained many items from his school days; he then comes across the diary that contains a multitude of memories. He looks at it but it …

2 pages, 778 words

Life and money, which support it, make the existence of people purposeful and intelligent, money becomes the self-value nowadays . But if we want to know the possibilities for spiritual growth or moral development in human beings we must answer the question what money means in our life?

It can be compared with a huge piston in the engine that pushes the world. 1 am saying this because it is one of my beliefs that, if not every decision, at least a majority of them are made with the consequence of money in our mínd.

For example my friend and I were exchanging our opinions on a certain movie the other day. She was telling me she didn’t like the movie because she felt that it didn’t serve a purpose. My argument was that I did like the movie because it was entertaining, I also said that it did serve a purpose because it made money. The purpose of that movie was to entertain enough people to allow it to show a profit. The only reason anyone made what the writer wrote into a movie, because they felt this it would make money.

Of course, there are always exceptions to a rule, that ís why 1 say “If not every decision, a majority of them”. Somewhere out there may be a songwriter who just writes songs because he enjoys it, not because of money matters.

1 don’t think that having money as the motivation to most decisions is bad, that’s just the way it ís. There are a lot of good things that come from money-based decisions. It’s all about profitability

11 pages, 5429 words

The Term Paper on Science Fiction Films Movie Film Made

… was followed up a year later by two movies made half-a-world apart, Them (Warner) about … too dangerous not to give them control, a decision that clearly reflected the majority of public … were any range of inventions intended for good purposes but turned to evil.Ernest B. Schoedsack’s Dr. Cyclops … stealing the movie from Raymond Massey as the reasoned, thoughtful hero. Things To Come lost money on …

Money in general has 3 main uses. The first and most important is medium of exchange – that is something people will accept for their goods or services. Without a medium of exchange people would have to trade their goods or services directly for other goods or services. A modern country could never function without a medium of exchange. The second use of money is that is serves as a unit of account. People state the price of goods and services in terms of money. In the United States, people use dollars to specify price, just as they use hours to express time and miles or kilometers to measure distance. The third use of money is as a store of wealth. People can save money and then use it to make purchases in the future. Other stores of wealth include cold, jewels, paintings, stock and bones.

The 1990s kick-started a new culture in the world – a culture in which lavish consumption is encouraged as the way to self-fulfillment.

With material goods such as cars and computers obsolete almost as soon as they are sold, we experience a rapid tumover of objects and an equally rapid tumover of our desires. We are taught to live in order to maximize our own, immediate pleasure. «Too much is never enough». I’m thinking about this animal called materialism The urgent need to own more and more. Our minds are trap us into a cycle ofdesiring, buying and desiring again.

With ownership comes the fear of loss of ownership. So we build higher walls, buy bigger locks. There’s a whole industiy built on our fear of loss of possessions.

In our urge to maintain financial security, we often sacrifice our prospects of a career better adapted to our personal needs and interests.

Of course we need “things” – they provide physical comfort and even happiness. A materially comfortable life is certainly lot something to be opposed. But these things fulfíl temporaiy needs and it is when we place too much importance on material possessions that we face emptíness, or what some call spiritual poverty.

But have you ever imagined what would happen if there were no money in the world? Evidentiy, speculatíons upon thís topic sound naive and contrived because nowadays money is an integral part of our everyday life and one does not need to be an economist to realize that anyway such an objective phenomenon as money would appear. There is also evidence that money makes the world go around and willy-nilly we have to take it for granted.

2 pages, 618 words

The Essay on Why Do Bad Things Happer To Good People

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do good things happen to bad people? These two questions have bewildered mankind throughout the centuries. Even the greatest philosophers and theologians have yet to develop a concrete answer. Philosophers, theologians, and even religious leaders have developed many hypotheses. Some of these hypotheses support each other while others conflict. It is for …

Whether you are young or old, regardless of your occupation, your lifestyle or your family status, money is of paramount concem to all of us.

But still it shouldn’t be the number one priority. Lets look the other way around, the spiritual one. The Bible says : ” What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forbids his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for this soul?”

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