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You ask me, why am I in low spirits? Don’t be silly! If I were in low spirits, I would have a really long face. Oh, do I?

Well, recently I broke up with Tim. He is a good guy no doubt, but if he were more prudent, I would appreciate that a lot. There is nothing that can be changed now, though, it is all over for good. Naturally, if we had met earlier in September, I could have forgiven him for such rude attitude. But now I have changed and I cannot possibly tolerate his misbehaviour! What did he do, you ask me? Well, he borrowed a pen from me on Tuesday and chewed down the pen lid! What a horrendous behaviour! Since then, we are at odds.

1. Росяні перли, розсипані за ніч по травах і вітах ялин, займалися феєричними вогнями, горіли барвами веселки, вабили дівчину до пісні (Ю. Бедзик). 2. З природи мовчазна, вона залюбки слухала веселу та гарну бесіду (М. Коцюбинський). 3. Вогка земля мліла в гарячому золоті сонячного проміння, вільна від тіней і холодків (М. Коцюбинський). 4. Заглиблена в спогади, Ніна не почула, як розчинилися двері і мати переступила через хатній поріг (А. Шиян). 5. Загримів дрібний грім, веселий, сріблистий, неначе регіт молодого хлопця (І. Нечуй-Левицький). 6. Линув дощ, рясний, веселий, благодатний, покотився туманом по степу (Г. Тютюнник). 7. І лиш могили, древні дідугани, нагадують колишні буйні дні (М. Драй-Хмара). 8. Він був родом з Черкащини, давньої козацької сторони (І. Нечуй-Левицький). 9. Саме їй, Марусі Чурай, яка пішла на смерть через своє трагічне кохання, народна традиція приписує авторство пісень «Віють вітри», «Чого ж вода каламутна», «Ой не ходи, Грицю» й козацький марш «Засвіт встали козаченьки» (О. Гончар). 10. «Кобзар» – ця заповітна книга нашого народу – живе і понині, пульсує кожним своїм рядком (О. Гончар). 11. Десь під самими хмарами струнким суворим строєм летіли, ледь чутно курликаючи, журавлі (О. Гончар). 12. Син бідного сільського титаря, Павло Грабовський в дитинстві пізнав не тільки злидні, щоденні важкі турботи про хліб насущний, а й поетичні образи, сумовиту красу української пісні (О. Дей).

We all have those moments when we feel down and have low spirit. We all make plans but it is not necessary that all of our plans get accomplished. And when something happens beyond our control and it also pulls us down, it is very easy to feel low and lonely.

When You Have Low Spirits

When someone hurts us, or we face any kind of loss, we blame others, circumstances and some other factors for our state of misery. And you are the only person who can save yourself from this swirl of anxiety. In reality, during this phase of feeling low, the person who is accountable for this grief, depression or sadness is only you.

Only you are responsible for this sadness. Adversity comes in life but it is not permanent, it is only you who stick to the chronic loneliness and sadness. In this article, we will describe some tips to lift up your low spirits, so read the article till the end.

Honor Your Feelings

Honor Your Feelings

It is not good to bury your fear and anxiety or to pretend that there is nothing to be worried as it will only create a situation like a pressure cooker where you will explode later. Instead of holding up your stress, let yourself free to feel your emotions without judgment.

Many moments occur in life where we experience a range of emotions and take it is a normal phase of life. Similarly, you should accept that it is completely normal to feel the way you do. There is nothing wrong to feel sad but remember you do not have to stick to it forever.

Vent It Out

Vent It Out

Take the chance to get it all off your chest by sharing it with your friend or using a journal. Or you can set a timer for two to three minutes and in this time let yourself free to feel your anxiety and to be honest about your feelings. Think of all the worst which can happen and you fear about, during this time.

The main purpose of this practice is to diffuse all those bad feelings by allowing them to flow out of you. The question arises here, why you need to set a short time limit for this practice?

This is necessary because you have to be careful not to get stuck in the vent of bad moods and depression, therefore setting a short time limit is a good idea. This is just enough time to put off those energy-draining emotions by letting them free and not to intensify or dwell them.



A venting session you have may help you discover the main causes of your deprived soul. Take this as an opportunity to ponder and make adjustments in your life where needed. Spend some time nurturing and healing with whatever suit you the best.

There can be many possible reasons such as you may are being hard on yourself for the slow work on a project. Work can act as a positive distraction in thinking about anxiety and stress and can lift up your soul. Try to concentrate on achieving the intended objectives, enjoy the routine of the office and put your creativity into practice.

During your work routine, your focus is maintained on the work and the work gives you a best opportunity to suppress the painful feelings. Also, ask yourself, what role you have played in getting to your current state and what alternative ways you can adapt to bring yourself back to the life full of joy.

Be Grateful

Be Grateful

Do not make yourself that person who is always aggressive or not happy no matter what is happening around. Think are you that person who always complains and blame others and never become happy.

Counting your blessings can turn around your down feelings faster than any other thing. Think for a few moments, you have so much to be thankful for, but in reality most of the times you tend to take your blessings for granted.

One of the precious privileges is to be alive and able to breathe in life and love each new day. When you are feeling low, for a few minutes, make a list of the top 20 things with which you are blessed and are grateful for right now. You will notice a sudden shift in your mood and emotions.

Shake Things Up

Shake Things Up

To change your physical environment you actually need to get out of your comfort zone. In this regard, you can change your room and go outside. You can go to a garden and take some deep breaths in the fresh air, analyze the perfection in the beauty of nature, watch the people enjoying the moments, or just notice the sounds of birds and leaves of tree.

New environment helps you to take the focus off your problems and to bring a happier place in your mind. But being present in the moment is necessary instead of sticking around the illusion of the future or the past.

Take Care


If you feel that you are falling into the vent of stress and depression, slowly and deeply breath in by your nose, hold on this position for 2 to 3 seconds and then slowly exhale through your mouth. During this exercise focus on your breath and try not to think anything else. It will help to stabilize your emotions.

Focused breaths will also help you become more grounded and bring your stress levels down. Some alternative ways to nurture yourself could be:

  • A warm bath.
  • Repeating a positive message that stimulates or energizes you.
  • Get some extra rest.
  • Cozy up with a good book.
  • Just spare some time for yourself to be alone, sit on a sofa and relax with a cup of coffee or tea.

Note: The main purpose of these practices is to bring yourself and your body the honor. You must learn to take care of yourself and to increase your self-worth.

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