Я хочу поехать в дубай сочинение на английском

To Dubai is where to descend and what to look. The city continuous skyscrapers not similar at each other, very much impresses. even bus-stops with conditioners. Shopping is Goldensuk (the gold market). Furs – Deyra’s region (Avrazh the Center, the Planet of Fur, Alaska the Center, etc.). Electronics is in all large shopping centers. It is necessary to visit Skaydubay-edinstvenny in the world an alpine skiing (artificial) complex. inside – 4C. went skiing, and outside of heat and then to the warm sea. An aquapark Wald of Vadi, there hills you rise on water flow. Sea excursions, Survey, Dzhipping on the desert. it isn’t necessary to miss. And of course huge Duty free. Recently the underwater park, in the same place an aquapark opened in Atlantis (speak cool). when we had a rest, for the present was under construction On the way Dubai Lend. like the Disneyland (there dinosaurs full-scale). but only much more coolly

Hello, my readers.

I’m going to tell you about my previous summer holidays in Dubai. I can’t express all my emotions, because it’s a glorious place. My family flew out  of my country(вместо my country  можешь использовать свою страну) two months ago. I expected that we would be flying about several days, however we had got to Dubai for several hours. We arrived at midnight so we needed to find a good hotel. There were a lot of high-estimated, but expensive hotels, so we were seeking a cheap hotel during whole night. We found it and stayed there. My parents are fond of visiting sights of Dubai especially they were keen on impressive mosques. I was passionate with Dubai beaches, because they were cleaned, warm and filled with golden sand. Another reason why Dubai is perfect for me, because I’m a girl(автор данного текста мужского пола, и он пишет от твоего имени)Dubai was known with laws, which discriminate the rights of men. Exactly men’s rights. For example, Girls can sunbathe at Dubai’s beaches anytime, while boys can visit these beaches in pointed day. It’s amusing, however i think it’s quite unfair to men. I could finish my story with things, which i usually do at summer vacations, if Dubai didn’t host the special event- EXPO22. EXPO22 is the famous international exhibition, where were presented the latest achievements of science and technology. I can’t describe wonderful robots, machines or gripping technologies. It will be better, if you look at enclosed photos to this letter. At this exhibition I also found out a lot of  amazing facts   that my physics teacher would be astonished with my knowledge.  

I will never forger this summer vacations


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    -I would like to visit Dubai, because Dubai is the most charming place in the world and is filled with amazing things to do and see that you won’t get anywhere else. For example, Dubai attractions, parks and resorts, Burj- Khalifa, the Dubai mall, palm Islands, Burj Al- Arab. I would like to spend a day taking pictures and visiting of this beautiful places in Dubai.
    — Я хотел бы посетить Дубай, потому Дубай — самое очаровательное место в мире и наполнено удивительными вещами, чтобы увидеть, что вы больше никуда не пойдете.
    Например, аттракционы Дубая, парки и курорты, Бурдж-Халифа, торговый центр Дубая, пальмовые острова, Бурдж-аль-Араб. Я хотел бы провести день, фотогрофируя и посещая эти красивые места в Дубае.

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    I’d like to visit London. This is one of the most famous cities in the world! I’d like to see the famous clock tower Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, which are the real monuments of history. I know that in London there are a lot of museums, but I’d like to visit the museum of Madame Tussauds most of all.  A special place among the sights is occupied by famous London pubs. I’d like to feel the atmosphere of old England there, which is represented in these cozy pubs. And of course, I’d like to visit the famous Ferris wheel, which is called » The London Eye.»

    Я хотел юы посетить Лондон. Это один из самых известных городов мира. Я хочу посмотреть на знаменитую юашню Биг Бэн, Букенгемский дворец и Вестминстерское аббадство, которые являются реальными историческими памятниками. Я знаю, что в Лондоне многл музеев, но я хочу посетить музей Мадам Тюссо больле всех. Особое место среди достопримечательностей занимают знаменитые лондонские пабы. Я хотел бы почувствовать атмосферу старой Англии, которая представлена ​​в этих уютных пабах. И, конечно же, я хотел бы посетить знаменитое колесо обозрения, которое называется «Глаз Лондона».

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